There comes a time in someone’s life where they have to grow up, whether it be physically, emotionally, metaphorically, etc.  And it all depends upon the person when and how they grow up. But have you ever felt the pressure or stress of such growth?  Have you ever experienced and felt the responsibility that is asked of you?  Or was it something that you naturally fell into and accomplished like nothing?

This previous Saturday, the November 19th 2016, I had the greatest opportunity to celebrate my seventeenth Birthday.  That was a way I was able to grow up in these past few days.  But to be honest, it didn’t really feel like a usual birthday celebration to me.  When I woke up on that sunny Saturday morning it wasn’t filled with that familiar sensation we all feel, but that was okay.  When I went into the living room of my home nothing was different, but it was a good feeling.  When I ate breakfast with my friends and family I didn’t get a special feeling or happiness, but I didn’t mind.  And throughout the whole day nothing seemed different from any other day.  I kept thinking, “This is my day!  I am celebrating being me!  This is my special day!”  And I couldn’t help but ask myself the question, why?

I only know realize that the reason behind my lack of birthday spirit was because I had out grown the childhood feeling when I was younger where my birthday was the day that I got to do most anything I wanted and get presents and eat cake and be praised the entire day.  Now, it is a day where nothing has changed except I may get a little ‘Happy Birthday’ here and there, a gift or two, gaining another year to my age and some refreshments in the end, and that’s all I need.

A birthday celebration is not something that I consider more important than serving and helping my family and friends.  So now I have a different way of celebrating such a day; being exactly who I am on any other day of the year with the exception of being smothered in some cake and ice-cream.

Growing up is one of the greatest parts of living.  While we grow we learn, while we learn we understand, while we begin to understand we are called to teach, and when one teaches we help other grow along with us.

Responsibility is a big part of growing up.  It takes maturity, common sense and a desire to help to fully be prepared for responsibility.  I have come to understand and learn these merits through my experiences as I grow and I honestly can say that they have shaped and defined me so much that I don’t know who I would be without them.

Now I guess is the part where I give my advice, so wanted to share a quote I found and it goes like this, “The hardest part about growing up is letting go of what were used to; and moving on to something we’re not.”  And those are words I will never forget.

So grow with pride, learn to accept, act more mature and if you think life is too much to bear, grow up!  Life was never meant to be easy.

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