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Think a minute…A brand new computer today will be old and outdated very quickly. I recently replaced my several-year old computer when my friends told me my computer was like a horse racing against rockets. To compete and succeed in today’s world, we must keep up with technology. This means continually upgrading our computer. 

Yet none of these impressive inventions come even close to the power of the human mind. In fact, already built in to our mind’s computer are all the upgrades we will ever need. So since we are the ones who control the world’s most powerful computer, we must keep learning and upgrading it every day. Someone said, “Your mind is like a parachute: it is not much good unless it is open.”  If we want to change our life, we must change our mind first.  

Computers, however, can also be dangerous. That is why we need an anti-virus program to protect our computer from viruses that can infect, damage, even destroy it. These protective programs update themselves regularly against new viruses that can attack. Since we go to all that trouble for a machine that is so quickly outdated and useless, how much more important is it for us to protect the computer of our own mind! 

Every day we face dangerous, deadly viruses, such as pornography and sex outside of marriage, dishonesty of all kinds including lying, cheating and stealing, gossip, uncontrolled anger, unforgiveness, and other kinds of wrong thinking and attitudes that ruin our character, marriage, children, career and our entire life. That is why we must be extremely careful what we allow to come into our minds. “Garbage in, garbage out.” Every day we need a good “brain-washing.” And the only One qualified to keep our mind clean is our Maker Who designed it. 

That is one of the vital reasons He gave us the Bible as our manual for life: to show us how to daily maintain and improve our mind, since our daily thinking largely determines the way we live. The Bible is your own anti-virus program to protect your mind from wrong thinking that can destroy you, and to help “program” your mind to think the true way your Creator designed you to think and live.

God knows that the person who does not control his thoughts will lose control of his life. So be smart: Spend some time every day reading your life’s manual, the Bible, so you can learn how to follow your Maker’s masterful plan for your life. Get involved in a true, Bible-teaching church. It will greatly change and improve your way of thinking and living, and protect you from the many dangerous viruses which threaten to damage and destroy your mind, marriage and family every day. Just think a minute… 

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