Father of six murdered on Father's Day

A distraught wife is still coming to terms with the death of her husband and father to her six children after he was smashed on the head with a rock on Father's Day following a violent dispute. 

Mefiposeta Laufale, 34, from Matautu-uta died after being hit in the back of the head with a rock in the early hours of Sunday morning after intervening in a village dispute. He later died about 5pm from internal bleeding and brain damage at Motootua Hospital. 

The Ministry of Police (M.O.P) last night confirmed an 18-year-old man had been charged with murder in connection to Mr. Laufale's death. 

"Preliminary investigation indicates that alcohol was a factor in the fight on Saturday," the Police said in a statement.

Speaking to the Samoa Observer yesterday, Mr. Laufale’s wife, Luisa Afaese, said her husband's death was a great shock and revealed the tragic circumstances of his death. 

Shortly before he died, Mr. Laufale explained to his wife that he had come to his brother's aid in a fight when he was dealt what would ultimately be a fatal blow to the back of his head. 

About 3am she was awoken by her husband who was covered in cold sweat and explained that he had been severely wounded by a blow from a rock. 

“Because it was early morning I thought it was just one of his dramas when he’s drunk; my mind was far from thinking that there was a big wound on his head and something like this would happen,” she said.

“When I realised, I quickly brought him to the hospital where the doctors performed their treatment on him which was sewing the wound and [bandaging] it before the scan.”

Mrs. Afaese recalls her husband being advised to return home by doctors after presenting at the hospital. 

But instead of a planned Father's Day feast and Church service, she stayed home to care for her husband as his condition worsened dramatically. 

By the afternoon his face began performing strange contortions and his reactions to event became highly unusual, she recalled. 

“It was like he was drunk and [he] kept bragging about his children that he wants his children and saying weird stuff but one thing I was sure of in the morning was that he wasn’t involved in any alcohol,” Ms. Afaese said.

 Ms. Afaese says her husband's condition became critical after he complained of numbness and coldness.

He initially resisted urging to be taken to hospital via ambulance as he insisted on staying with his children despite suffering breathing difficulties. 

Only a few minutes after their arrival at the Hospital Ms. Afaese was advised her husband had died. 

“I didn’t expect anything as my mind was busy from getting his hospital records from the front desk but it was and still is a new frightening experience,” she said in tears.

“I was trying to calm myself at the hospital and did everything I can to find out more about my husbands’ death with tears dropping.”

A scan investigating the cause of her husband's death showed internal bleeding and brain damage. 

“I was surprised because the first scan results said there was nothing to worry about,” Ms. Afaese said.

“I asked them why there were two different results and they told me the first result was blurry because his head was bandaged which shouldn’t be.”

Ms. Afaese said the Ministry of Police (M.O.P) and the Ministry of Health (M.O.H) will conduct investigations for 21 days until returning Mr. Laufale's body  to his family.

His wife remembers  a family man who was also dedicated to his former jobs at Franky's Supermarket and Club X. 

“He was always a workaholic and despite that we had differences as a couple, he changed for the better and now I know what he meant when he said he wants to go somewhere far like New Zealand," Ms. Afaese said.

"He actually was referring to the place above."

His family is now awaiting the results of a police investigation. 

The 18-year-old man charged with his murder  has been remanded in custody until 2nd September 2019 for court mention.

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