Good directions

Think a minute…A man from the city was taking a drive out in the country and got lost, so he stopped to ask a farmer for directions: “Where’s the main highway to the city?” The farmer answered: “I don’t know.” 

The driver asked: “Well, where does this road go?” Again the farmer answered: “I don’t know.” Frustrated, the driver said to the farmer: “You don’t know much, do you?” The farmer answered: “No, but I ain’t the one who’s lost!”

It reminds me of the true story about the scientific genius Albert Einstein. He was taking a trip on a train. The clerk came through asking for everybody’s ticket, Einstein could not find his.

He quickly searched through his pockets and suitcase. Recognizing the famous scientist, the clerk kindly said: “It’s OK, Mr. Einstein, I know who you are.” A few minutes later the ticket clerk saw Einstein still looking for his ticket.

Again he said: “It’s OK, Mr Einstein, I know who you are!” Einstein replied: “Young man, I know who I am! I need my ticket because I don’t know where I’m going!” Einstein was famous for being a truly absent-minded professor.

The well-known preacher Billy Graham spoke at an important ceremony. He told the audience that he had bought a brand new suit and tie just for that special occasion.

Since he is now old and frail, he told the audience he did not expect to be attending any more public ceremonies like this, so he probably would not wear his new suit again until he is buried in it. “However,” Billy Graham went on to say, “unlike Albert Einstein, I not only know who I am, I also know where I’m going.”

Jesus made it crystal clear that everyone lives forever, and our death is just a doorway into two very different places: heaven or hell. But it’s the road I’m taking now by the way I live daily that determines which of those two places will be where I live forever. A Danish proverb says: “Better to ask twice than to lose your way once.”

The great news is as long as you’re still breathing, you can change roads and the direction you are going. With all of your heart, you must ask and trust God the Son to forgive you for all of your sins and living your own way; then ask Him to become your Lord so you can start living His way, since He declared and demonstrated that He’s the only way.

Only then can you have the true, total peace that you know exactly where you’re going—even if you suddenly go through death’s door today. Just think a minute

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