The righteous thing

The Ministry of Revenue is not the most popular of government Ministries right now.

That’s for sure.

With its plans to tax members of clergy and the head of state, the leadership including the Minister have been under the gun from all corners who have questioned just why it is necessary now to tax the pastors and the Head of State.

A fly was on the wall during one recent meeting with a high-ranking official.

“So why have you all of a sudden decided to tax the pastors and the head of state?” the Ministry’s leadership was questioned by the high-ranking official.

“If our forebears did not see it fit to tax pastors and the Head of State, why now? Why after all these years have you suddenly decided to do this?”

There was a long pause.

And finally there was an answer from a Ministry senior official.

“We are only trying to do the righteous thing?” he said.

To which the unhappy high-ranking official responded, “So are you telling me that after more than 35 years of the H.R.P.P. at the helm, they have not been righteous at all? No wonder!”


V.A.G.S.T. increase 

Speaking of the Ministry of Revenue, a source said Cabinet has settled on increasing the V.A.G.S.T.

“I heard a little whisper from a reliable source yesterday stating that the mooted V.A.G.S.T increase had been approved by Cabinet,” a source said.  

The question is, how much?

“If true, that should stuff the Economy completely, Hotel charges up, food charges up, handicrafts up, liquor and beer up, petrol up, whatever you can think of AND less affordable for Tourist!"

“But who needs tourists?  We could probably get rid of the Tourist Authority then?”


Ticket talks 

A friend of BTL who was looking forward to going to the historical super rugby match between the Blues and Reds is grateful they’re sending star players like Jerome Kaino and Steven Luatua ahead of the match.

“That’s because it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to rub shoulders with them looking at the ticket prices,” she said.

“For the price of one grandstand ticket, I can feed my family for a whole month and still enjoy all the other Super rugby matches on TV free of charge.”

She’s got a point. 

The cheapest ticket is apparently $40 tala. 

Going on past experiences of matches at the Apia Park, that’s normally the price for a sidestand ticket. Good luck.

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