Arming the Police to protect themselves

Dear Editor,


How the dynamic of life has slowly rattling and unfolding from year to year into the fast transformation pace of weeks into days, that is before our very eyes!

The fast speed of violent recurrence is almost getting us caught not able to cope with the substances that are so foreign, and were portrayed only on the big screen and television, but into actions of reality we are now experiencing.

Ostensibly, prior to the birth of the Human Rights Protection Party and their baby pet “universal suffrage”, life in paradise was just obedience and resilient, suave and respect for one another.

There was no equal right here no equal right there rather one-way right; the village council way. And failing that, then on the highway.

But today with the protection of the so-called human rights; the air has the right, the fish, the animal, the birds, the environment, the kid, the woman, the church; and guess what else?

Over a decade or so ago, some sections of my village Siūmu had put up an illegal blockade on the cross island road simmering off some land issues with the government. It’s their right they had claimed. Then the Satapuala road block. And to becoming more regular, with the inter school student fighting. Then the ongoing drug cartel war with the police in A’ana where one police fatality and one or two illegal narcotic traders.

And a couple of months ago the rugby supporters and players’ skirmishes in Anoama’a. Then more recently, where once they had said the place bad omens are forbidden (e fa’asa ai le leaga ... Fa’asaleleaga) but da hell broke loose between Salelologa and Salelavalu!!!

Lately, the media reported Salelologa had handed over three suspects to the police for the destructions of vendors belongings at the market however the pictures of the events, there were more that committed the horrendous crimes. Not three. Where is the rest of the men who stormed the market with their absolute freedom to show Samoa they have no respect for our law?

None from Salelologa are charged with interfering and pestering the police while conducting their lawful duties to enforce law and order, that is constantly becoming non functioning to normality in Samoa right now.

I am still trying to calculate how these criminals were allowed to stop the police, and demanding to release an offender. There must be a law; if not, then please introduce one to protect the police from being chivvied and interfered with while conducting their lawful duties to enforce law and order to arrest an accuse.

If they were brave in numbers then as individuals must have the guts to come forward and tell Samoa they own up to their crimes.

If the three were in police custody on the way to Tuasivi, where are the people who stopped the police vehicle and demanded the three be released? The dregs of Salelologa involved in the rampage through the market and interfering with the police must muster up to face the impetus thrust of the law.

The contemptible insurgency will continue to rise and the law abiding general public will claim victim of these violent outbursts if the government is not acting right now.

Police safety is paramount. No one has any right none or whatsoever to lay hand or hands (or any part of their bodies) on the police.

Currently, the police is not safe, neither you nor I or our overseas visitors.

It is time for the government to allow police to act responsibly and shoot any culprits first and ask questions after.

Arm the police right now please to fight fire with fire to right wrong to stop this madness violence it is becoming a nuisance.

But I had wish, only if Lord God Almighty had granted unto my words the venomous noxious for one’s peaceful death. Wouldn’t it be nice? Samoa by now; would have rid of all troublemakers including the sporadic gutless faceless homogeneous ghosts.

With my utmost respect,


Tofaeono Misãtauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood 


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