Fair play for women please

Dear Editor,

There is an outcry in the ongoing South Pacific Games, unfair play.
We have sports catered for male and female how is it that there is a third gender destroying women sports.
Where is the fair play that we so proudly claim that our sports uphold?!
For a transgender to be allowed to compete with women is beyond outrageous, only a fool will believe that a man who has undergone surgery for a sex change will fully become woman in bone structure and muscle mass.
The truth is there is a huge disadvantage to women, men are stronger they have greater muscle mass; they have denser, stronger bones, tendons and ligaments. The hormones that transgender take to reduce testosterone levels does nothing to reduce their strength advantage over women.
For New Zealand to push their transgender athletes into the South Pacific Games arena is foul play. Have the rules been changed? Have the South Pacific Games committee put into place rules that allow transgender to compete in the women’s category? I doubt it. We should put forward a protest to this unfair practice before it becomes the norm. Just because the outside world claim it is right does not mean that the Pacific should go along with this stupidity. If they want to compete then they can have their own transgender competitions.
For so long we have fought for women’s rights and now we are witnessing the eroding of those rights.
If we do not act now, there will no longer be any women’s sport in the future it will be dominated by transgenders.
God created male and female, two genders not three.


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