P.M. Tuilaepa’s conflicting stories

Dear Editor,


I am comparing two different articles. Prime Minister Tuilaepa is saying one thing in the other and making other suggestions in one. There is no knowing where his heart is. I am very confused but I am not surprised if the political filth has engulfed his soul completely. Anyways, below are our comparisons of the two articles and our interpretation of what transpired therein.


#1 “P.M. hails A.D.B’s contribution to the development of Samoa”

In this article, the PM is quoted saying “For more than 50 years, we have worked with A.D.B. and together we have made progress in improving water  and sanitation, establishing reliable, clean energy and better internet connectivity.”

“We will continue to work with A.D.B. and our other development partners to help deliver better basic social services to the people of Samoa.”



#2 “Water shouldn’t be an issue for poorest, says P.M.”

In this article, the PM is quoted saying “In Samoa, we have so much water. It would be ridiculous to say nobody has any water to drink, especially in this rain.”

“Long ago, when we did not have pipes, what we did in our villages, there is a thing called tufu along the beaches.

“All you do is dig and spring water comes in. That is the value of local knowledge. In every village, there is a tufu.”


Article #1 PM talks about improvements made because of its partnership with A.D.B that started more than 50 years ago. In one example, the PM mention of “progress in improving water.” Now, after those upgrades, the only visible difference today with water is, you have to pay for it to get it and continue paying for it for the rest of your lives to continue getting access to it.

Article #2 the PM suggested the poor of Samoa who cannot afford water to use primitive methods, outdated ways like the “tufu” to get their water which it could still work today but then why say water has been improved when if you can’t afford it you ain’t getting it. That is not improving it, it is capitalising an essential part of our livelihood on our islands. Making people pay for things that promised improvement in their lives.

The quality of water on the islands is good and quantity is plentiful. The country used to have free water, all piped and all well managed which the government absorbed implementation and maintenance costs. Why make a change that later would cost the people directly an essential bit of their livelihood? The people trying to fork out money to pay for water that used to be free.

The government loaned more and more money in the guise of improving our livelihood but rather is costing us more and more and our peace of mind and harmonious living disturbed and turned over.

The HRPP #1 Spin Doctor Stui, once again at the forefront of this Sad campaign. What a nuisance he is not to heed the wisdom of the people. Obviously, as the media proclaimed, a mad man.

Let’s conclude with this thought, this Samoa government so-called praised developments helps only the wealthy. The system was designed to help support people in business, government, and their major partners and families. It is a business and a business is only interested in one thing, “profit,” -the bottom line. A.D.B. and its praises, the loans, the grants, it is all a distribution of wealth amongst the wealthy of this country. 

The infrastructure PM spoke of and the new improvements are there to help sustain these businesses, relationships, and their growth. 

So when a poor Samoan praises the government for the shiny things it built it saddens the heart that some informed few in the position of power and prestige would live off the ignorance of fools. While they tell the fools to get off their butts and work the land and use aging technologies to obtain an essential need like water. Fa’afetai,


Tama Poto

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