The church and taxes

Dear Editor,


Re: A question of taxes 

I grew up in the Catholic Church Wendy, and back then 40-50 years ago we go to church because it’s a Sunday thing. Then I’d switched to the Pentecostal movement because the Pastors there are far deeper in scripture than the priests of the Catholic church and I’ve been there for 15 years now.

Lately I’ve taken a step back and re-evaluate the overall outcome of my choices and an objective look at how things are/were cultivated. 

It’s just another Benny Hynn show these Pentecostal movements. 

People don’t speak up because mostly blame themselves for not been strong in faith and are made to believe that if they prosper God is with them, if otherwise then it’s their fault and thus robbing the very fuel that drives prosperity which is self confidence. 

I am still deep in belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the salvation which is only in the son of God, but with the established church, I have my doubts. The only ones that are prospering are the pastors. 

The only mandate of the church in scriptures is the fellowship of like-minded brothers of Jesus Christ, never the established church. 

Paul the apostle, who is mostly responsible for defining the church in scripture wrote letters to these born again brothers of the faith in the village of Corinth, Rome, Thessalonica, Ephesus, etc etc. Never to an established church, ever ever. There is no such church as the church of Rome, or Ephesus, Philipii, Colossians or whatever.

The church the scripture is referring to in the new dispensation called the dispensation of grace is the one that is within us. The same apostle Paul made this very clear himself in his writings to the Hebrews. 

The question is, why would someone need a church if he is already a church?

The institution of the church needs to be taxed as everyone else the same way we are all taxed. If the church has issues with it, change the government. 

They have the power and the numbers to do it instead of mourning.

Welcome to the world of the living.



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