An open letter to E.F.K.S. Ministers

Dear E.F.K.S. Faifeaus who don’t want to pay tax,

I urge you to read the Word of God, which the Holy Spirit inspired men to write for us. It is the manual for life and relevant to us for today.

The God I know and have a relationship with - The God of the Bible -  is Almighty, all powerful, all wise. All knowing, loving, kind, compassionate and very rich -  to name a little of who He is.

Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit and a great man of faith, said in The Word 19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

If you have a loving relationship with the God of the Bible through His Son Jesus Christ then you should have faith to believe and trust that our God is able to do according to His Word. 

He will provide for your tax and for your every need as He does for me and many other believers. We who believe can testify to His faithfulness. If God said it, we can believe it and that should settle it. Only Believe.  

I can testify that The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want!! His Grace is sufficient for me – His Grace is awesome!

What does Jehovah Jireh mean? Look it up in the bible.

By faith we can look on paying taxes is a simple way of taking part in building up Samoa and helping the people and obeying the Lord. 

We all need hospital treatment, roads, water, electricity etc and will receive pensions by and by and with the right mindset we can rejoice as we pay tax and have peace in that we are doing a little to help the nation we are so proud of – you can be a good example to your congregations by learning and then teaching them about Bible Prosperity. My God is a RICH God.

You will read in the bible that the original sin was rebellion and there are many instances of acts of rebellion mentioned in the Bible.

I have to ask -  what are E.F.K.S. faifeaus teaching their congregations??

Obviously to be fearful of not having enough, to be rebels and not to believe in or trust in The Lord God who is able to do more than we can ask, think or imagine! Jesus came to give us abundant (plentiful, overflowing, spilling over) life and He will bless those who believe and have faith.

The God whose I am and who I serve did not like rebellion, grumbling, murmuring in OT days and He does not change. If He didn’t like it then He still doesn’t like it today.

Read the Bible and see for yourselves the consequences of rebellion and repent. You are teaching the people of Samoa to fear and to be rebels and I fear what the result could be to our nation!  Please Teach them the truth of who the Lord is and lead by example.

But first of all You must be born again. Repent and ask Jesus into your hearts and ask Him to reveal Himself and His will to you so you can teach the people the truth.

 The Bible also says that we should obey our leaders. The country voted in our leaders and come election time you can vote for a  change if necessary. Again I say read what happened to the ones who rebelled against their leaders. They are not fairy stories but real life stories written for us to learn from. Read the bible and see it for yourselves.

If Jesus returned today will He find faith? It is very sad for Samoa when the Church itself will bring the wrath of God upon the nation.



A Believer

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