Love what you do

Meet Sia’e Sia’e from the village of Utuali’i. Aged 63, Sia’e lives with the philosophy that hard work coupled with consistency produces sweet results. 

He truly believes that you get nothing if you just sit and do nothing. “To be honest with you, I am used to working hard every day,” said Sia’e.

“I have a big plantation and I grow all different kinds of crops like taro, banana and also vegetables.”

“The reason why I work hard and I love what I do is because I know that it is very useful. I know that it is all worth it at the end after I sell some of my products and get money.”

Said Sia’e, he understands that life is difficult when you depend on other people to do things for you.

“I know that some people depend on others to provide things for them, but for me, I truly believe that if you want something in life, you have to sweat and work hard.”

“To tell you the truth, being a farmer isn’t easy as well. Nothing in this life is easy. But I guess it’s easy when you learn to love what you do.”

“It makes everything easy and that’s true for me too. There are days where I just want to just sleep and do nothing, but then if I do that, I know I will just starve and my family will suffer.”

Moreover, Sia’e said the other reason why he loves what he does is because he gets a lot of exercise from working hard.

“I do things happily and I feel good after working every day.” 

“I get tired sometimes too, but for me, I know that working can make you lose weight and make you healthy because you exercise a lot.” However, like anything else in this life, Sia’e said there are also difficulties he continues to face every now and then.

“For my plantation, the main issue is that there are people who come and steal from my plantation.”

“And that makes me sad because this has happened to me a lot of times. I do nothing about it and I forgive them as well. But it’s just sad that there are people out there who just want to benefit from the work of others.”

“I know for sure that the people who are responsible for such behaviors are the youths who don’t use their energy and strength wisely to do something useful for their families.”

“Instead, they depend on the work of others to feed their families because they are too lazy to have their own plantation.”

“They want to work or do anything. But my advice for them is to stop doing such things. They can go make their own plantations as well. If I can do it, they can do it too.” “Instead of wasting their time and youths on other things, they should use it wisely to do something useful for their families.”

Nevertheless, Sia’e said he sometimes go fishing as well. 

“I don’t usually go fishing; this is because I spend most of my time on my plantation. But the reason why I go fishing is because I sometimes want to eat fish.” 

“And that is why I am here today as well fishing.”

“But like I said before, everything in life is easy if you do things with a smile on your face and love what you do.”

“Life is hard if you don’t work.”

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