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Dear Editor,

Re: Customary lands, protests and democracy in a one-party state

We often here the saying; “O Samoa ole atunu’u ua uma ona tofi, po’o Samoa ole atunu’u na tofia e le Atua.”

The traditional saying that everyone understood is relevant to the saying; “Ua tala tau Tonga, ae tala tofi Samoa.” But I think there is a deeper meaning than that.

My curiosity on how this saying came about and how it relates to us Samoans in the South Pacific has set me to investigate further.

As one of my favorite passion is to go places where most people don’t even dare go to open the Pandora box that might create a controversial to a belief system or things of that nature but to somewhat extract the underpinnings of facts that can support an argument on any subject matter.

I’m a researcher at heart, and as I wrote numerous articles about nature that some people relate to as God and its relations to us Samoans in our own given demarcation of land space, as why we supposedly settled in the area we are now living in before we were wondering around in the vast Pacific Ocean looking for the right place according to historians.

I came to the realization that it wasn’t by chance that we settled in the place that we called SAMOA today. As I look further into the meaning of the word Samoa; Sa- means Sacred, Moa-- means Center. It dawned on me the o’cult hidden meaning of the word Samoa is hidden in plain sight which unraveled or support our famous saying: “O Samoa ole atunu’u na tofia e le Atua.”

As I studied Astrology and Astrotheology; the ancient knowledge of wisdom and understanding hidden in the literary, allegorical and metaphorical astrological gospel of the heavens that we once knew in the past before Christianity settled our shores and gave us the fictional version of the Astrological story of Jesus the ‘SUN’ and claimed that Astrology is of the devil but in reality is that the knowledge of “As above, so below,” our forefathers knew exactly the demarcation of land space in the Pacific region of the latitudinal and longitudinal ‘crossing’ where we should settled.

We settled in the “Heart of the Pacific.” Not by chance but by the knowledge and wisdom that our forefathers acquired from the divine presence of the Universe that some people called God. The navigational skills of our people using the stars with the southern cross were exceptional to the point where we were called by the western historians as navigators of the Pacific.

What significance or correlation that has to do with the saying;” O Samoa ole atunu’u na tofia e le Atua?” If we study the anatomy of our bodies, the MOA is the center of our bodies, hence the “Solar Plexus” which is the midsection. The ‘southern cross’ which is the symbol of the crucifixion of the ‘SUN’ in Astrology that mimics the as above so below concept is a clear indication that my research is on point. As Leonardo Davinci so eloquently once said that; “the workings of the human body is the analogy of the workings of the stars.”

The point in which the two lines crosses over perpendicularly with the circle in the middle is an old sign that depicts the crucifixion of the ‘sun’ four times in the ecliptic is a Pagan sign of the cross that adopted by the Christians as theirs as well. The point is, who ever settles in that “Prime Meridian” is said to the chosen people by the Universal God. The demarcation space that depicts the Bulls eye, target, on point, midsection is where the center of gravity is or the ‘power’ that rest in that space.

As time goes by and as I look at our history as Samoans as o “ tagata ole ele’ele.”, it solidify my understanding that the application of that saying is still valid today. If Manu’a was the center of commerce in the old days where every Island nation of the Pacific were paying Umiti (taxes) to, and also our navigational skills inhabited other Polynesian Islands, than the saying that Samoa ole atunu’u na tofia e le Atua has its relevance unequivocally.

There are so many correlations that support my theory that our culture is based on nature and the influence of Paganism was well preserved in our history that everything we relate to is based on nature. The central location of Manu’a in the east signifies our dignities hence; “O pa’ia o Samoa e amata mai Saua se’i paia Analega, po’o fafa o Sauali’i.” As the sun rises from the east (Manu’a), it sets in the west (Falealupo). If that is not astrological I don’t know what is. The dualities of light (sun) verses darkness (set) hence the good vs evil.

These are some of the achievements that Samoa has been accredited for. Samoa was the first Island Nation to gained Independence in the Pacific after we stood against Colonialism. It is also the leader of the Pacific Island Nations in the UN affairs. The first to be visited by a Pope, the first Cardinal to be appointed by the Vatican in the Pacific rim. The first to be visited by the Queen of England etc, etc.

With all that being said, there’s only one test that if we can live up to it, we can than know for sure that our Samoan saying is still valid “ O Samoa ole atunu’u na tofia e le Atua.” And that test is to see if we can survive the onslaught of the outside influence that will threatened our Customary land.

With Stui in the helm, if he says that our land is safe and later on is not, than the history books will not be too friendly to his legacy. 

And only then will change the saying to “O Samoa, e le’i tofia e le Atua.”

With all due respect,


Leituala Roger B.

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