What a world we live in (Part 1)

Think a minute…Some of my happiest memories as a child are when my parents took us kids out to enjoy nature—whether we were walking in the woods, driving through snow-covered mountains, or strolling along a beach listening to the ocean waves.

My parents wanted to share with us their love of the great outdoors—along with their awe and wonder at the breathtaking beauty of our home called earth.

What’s amazing is how easy it is. You don’t have to be a scientist to teach your children how to enjoy the world they live in. Simply have fun together taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature all around you. When your kids see how much fun you have, and the pleasure you express in what you see, they will learn to see and feel the same way.  

A child’s world is new, big, and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement. Yet sadly many of us lose that by the time we are adults. We grow older and face life’s difficulties, boredom, or a love of money and material possessions; so we often fill our lives with artificial things that separate us from the pure pleasures in life.

That is why we need to nurture and renew our joy and passion for nature’s beauty, both for the sake of our children, and ourselves. It is our sense of wonder and awe at the magnificent world we live in that keeps our heart and spirit young. 

Of course, sharing and enjoying nature with our kids is not always convenient. Once in a while it may interfere with our schedule or the kids’ bedtime. But sometimes even just a few minutes sitting with our children in the dark, looking out at a full moon and sparkling stars with the Milky Way spread across the night sky, or getting up early to see the sunrise, will give our kids a love for nature and a memory they will treasure for a lifetime. That will mean much more to your child than the little sleep he lost. 

So Dad and Mom, why not take a little time to share with your children their rich inheritance of enjoying our beautiful world we all call home? Most importantly, never forget to let them know Who designed and made it all as His awesome gift to us. Just think a minute… 

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