Better to speak broken English

Dear Editor,

Re: Learning in schools. Samoa? English. Or both?

I prefer to have all Samoan kids speak broken English instead of No English.

Listen Professor Tofaeono Joe Hollywood, did you know that mocking my broken English, you are also mocking all Samoan people like me.  All who come from Samoa speak broken English, understand?

Some of us can, but some don’t because they thought we were crazy for trying and mocked by them, those who thought they were smart but they were afraid of speaking because of mocking. 

They were afraid because of people like you. But i didn’t and now i can have a English with ease. I’m not sure if that is still happening but i hope not. Samoa people must humble to The One Above and ask to have English as the first language in school.

I tell you the truth I discovered, I wanted to learn English so I chose a Bible translation, NIV, good because its written in simple English. 

Read both English and Samoan Bibles and I improved, then found out that faifeau must pay tax. I got rid of it long time ago...the book and faifeau Teach Samoan kids the culture not how to speak Samoan again. Then encourage them to learn and speak English. Speak broken English and you have a job. Speak perfect Samoan and you end up like a thirty year old makai with no job, right professor?

Ei professor, between you and Mata’afa Keni Lesa, who has better English you reckon? Between you and a real English professor, which one of you should have the title of broken-English?

Broken English comes in many forms.

It is written...

‘...a wise man bites his tongue

a fool mocks himself...’

Have a nice day.


Ben Valelei

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