We must move with the times

Dear Editor,

Re: $1.1 billion debt, charges against Church Ministers and corruption

A moving forward world is a progressive life for the right of this the right of that and of course the right to develop one’s country. The past is history.

Let’s accept that simple fact of life as you have always got yourself to have gotten stuck in the mirror Mata’afa Keni Lesã and Samoa Observer.

Our forefathers of course had laid the foundation and no doubt they had wanted Samoa to move forward and to go with the flow.

What they had seen way way way way back then of so many moons past, did not portray the reality of current and present life.

Then them forefathers had the Constitution in place to help guide our journey as a country forward with that 2 third majority ingrained for a reason.

Of course they had known back then that the world does not stop it spins into the axis of a gradual development and bound for changes.

Where our leaders had to see fit for the advantage, they should never be afraid to expedite for what is best to move Samoa as a country to accommodate and prepare for the next generations to enjoy.

Laws and Constitutions are there to be amended, annulled and reshaped to suit the people of a country.

Otherwise, why waste money to pay politicians and build parliament houses when the Holy Bible already had the Ten Commandments for all to follow?

That is what you are trying to tell me Mata’afa Keni Lesā and Samoa Observer. And then who would manage and police God’s Holy Law?

For sure not the faife’au as we know what they did to the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ The Messiah!


Tofaeono Joe Hollywood

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