Debt to equity ratio

Re: Samoa’s debt and corruption 

The debt to equity ratio in Samoa is an inverted fraction already, it needs to counter balance by finding some lucrative resources to make up the difference.

And guess who’s the one that’s going to pay the Piper to make up the difference? The poor and the supposedly reformed branch that was truncated from the main branch that’s influencing the world politically and economically. 

The “ao fa’alupega” was instituted by the same con artist that arrived at our shores and gave us their version of God, when in fact we already know who God is. 

Our paramount chiefs stepped down and gave them the pedal stool to elevate themselves in the name of their fictional character for political and economic control of the world.

Their “modus operandi” is for total control, a slavery system that totally strip us from our real assets (land) in exchange for paper (fiat) currency with no value.


Leituala Roger 

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