What should be the minimum wage for workers?

I am now an unemployed person and having to work back in the days had given me the knowledge to understand how it is to earn less and earn more. Back then, we used to have only about one tala ($1) or some cents added to it as our minimum wage and it's suitable I guess because back then everything was very cheap and affordable and we cannot ask for more. But with this new lifestyle we're living in and because I know how it feels to earn not enough as I've said, I think $3 is not enough for the families to develop and feed their families. I have children who work too and I feel sorry for them with the minimum wage it is now. Given how far back those years were when I was working to this day, I think it's enough years to raise the minimum wage to another higher level. Say $5 per hour or even more. That's what I think.

Given how expensive life is right now, I don't think $3 per hour is enough for the people to earn from a whole week of struggling to find food on the table. Everyone knows how living as a Samoan is and living in Samoa. It's not easy but if we give it our all and try to think about our children that are running around the country to work their minds off in ministries and companies and wherever they work then we will know how hard it is to earn that less. I think $5 should've been the minimum wage by now or even more because I have seen that we are getting a lot of blessings from overseas countries. Where are all these blessings going to? Let's reconsider and this is pertaining to the government or whoever is handling minimum wage.

Increasing the minimum wage is something the country should be proud of especially us workers. I should be proud by now but when I heard that it's only $3 per hour then that's where the frowning comes in. I don't I or even my fellow taxi drivers deserve that kind of minimum wage given how hard we're working under the sun trying to look for passengers. We all know that life is getting more an more expensive but if we are surviving with this kind of wage then we are not on the right track. Maybe $3.50 or however amount of coins added to it would at least be enough but if that's the case then I don't think that should be the case.

Life right now is very much expensive. For an example, me as a resident and an employer who comes all the way from Mulifanua to Apia for work. The cost for the bus fare is $4 for one way and if I travel to and back from Apia everyday for work and my payment a week is say $100 or $150. So to be honest, the only money that will be left for me and my children to use is just $80 a week or two weeks. How will that feed my children and bring them to school? I prefer that the minimum wage should be increased to at least $5 or more so most families can feed their children and bring them to school without any worries or doubts.

I think people should be appreciative that at least the minimum wage is being increased because if it comes out that it's moved down to $1 or $2 then that will be a real issue. But for the increase we have now, I think it'as worthwhile and we should think about how the government are running our country. To me, I think $3 is enough for our people to feed their families and develop their families.

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