Members of the public have their say on question of street addresses

Things have changed in Samoa and everything should change. Having a street address will make things easy for people when receiving mail, instead of going to the Samoa Post Office and making people like myself waste money travelling. As we know our country is developing, street address should be introduced. Another benefit is that people will easily find their relatives' addresses.

In my view, having a street address is a great idea because it saves us time and money. Using a mailbox for our mail, which can be delivered to our street address is good, and it also creates employment opportunities for those seeking jobs.

It is a great idea to have a street address for our homes, people don't get to spend money coming from home to the Post office just to get the mail, and go back home. I prefer having a mailbox in front of the house when the street addresses are set because it will be easier for me to get the mail and to be located. 

Well having a street is a great benefit for the people who live far from town because they have to come all the way from there village to town to get their mails and then back home. And they will spend money and waste time to travel far just to pick up a mail from the post office. Having a mail box or street address will help them save money and time they spend on travelling from their village to town. Another benefit is employment opportunities for people who are seeking for jobs such as a delivery man.

I totally agree with having a mail box in every Samoan houses because it will help locals to receive their mails on time and knowing where the mail must go to, and not having the problem of waiting for a long time for mail to arrive. Furthermore, having the whole day waiting in a long line just to get a mail can be solved with having a mail box, and not have to go back and forth everyday to check if the mail has arrived or not.

Well I totally agree that Samoa should have street addresses because it will make things easier to find, where our relatives live, and solves the confusion about locations. For example, like having members of the family living in Apia, but Apia is a big place, so having the street address will it make it easy to find them. On the other hand, having a mail box or street address is fast to locate where the mail is sent to, and the person who is going to receive the mail.

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