A sinking ship

Think a minute… Imagine we are on a large ship out on the ocean. The captain knows that there is a hole in the boat and we’re sinking, but he does not tell the passengers.

Instead, he invites us all to go up to first class. All the beer and liquor is free. We’re allowed to party and do basically anything we want on the ship. Naturally, we passengers are loving our freedom.

But all the time we’re partying and getting drunk, the ship continues to sink. Each minute brings us closer to our death. So what? Let’s eat, drink and be merry for we’re all going to die anyway, right? We might as well go out in style and have fun while it lasts.

This is actually the way many people live. They think they’re free - through alcohol, drugs, sex with anyone they want, cheating for more money or status, and anything else that makes them feel good for awhile.

But their life is a sinking ship! Instead of being truly free, they’re actually slaves to their own appetites and uncontrolled physical desires for pleasure. Their life is empty and they’re desperately trying to fill it with all kinds of pleasures, prosperity, or power. Yet, even though they know in their conscience that none of these things satisfy them for long, they keep doing it.

Jesus Christ did not come to bring us a lot of strict, boring rules that take all the fun out of life. He actually came to save us from hurting and destroying ourselves, so we can finally be free from our own greed and uncontrolled physical urges. As the Maker of life, Jesus’ commands are simply life’s principles for real satisfaction and success.

His ways are like wings to a bird, or sails to a ship. So why not finally get yourself free from your uncontrolled physical pleasures or greed? Just ask Jesus to forgive you and start changing you daily. Then you can begin to get the real satisfaction that lasts, not to mention be saved from sinking.  Just Think a Minute…

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