Daylight Savings an hour of waste

Dear Editor

Our Prime Minister who initiated this Daylight Savings Act 2009 slams poor teachers and ordered them to start school at 9am when this chaos daylight bully start next month for six long months. 

The country as a whole has surely learnt from the past years that we save nothing whatsoever on electricity as people with commonsense know they turn on their electricity when its dark and switch off when they go to bed in the evening.

The extra hour light in the afternoon is compensated by the early waking hour of the morning and day and night remain the same with only an hour now own by Stui on for sale in the morning of a new day. 

This one hour of daylight savings is an hour of waste and the P.M. should be slammed instead of the teachers. 

Daylight savings now force school to start at 9am as a result of problems caused in sending children especially girls to school while its still dark. 

This need no more explanation as we learned it the hard way then instead of abolishing this stupid Daylight Savings Act, Government wants to change time school starts, late start and one hour late finish. What a mess. 

There’s a saying “Ole utaga ale poto e fetala’i ae ole utaga a le vale e taofimau”.

Toe liuliu le tofa ile Malo mo le manuia o tagata lautele ae ave ese lenei tulafono. 

Ma le Fa’aaloalo tele lava


Moemanatunatu Itulatasi

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