Ready to die for the cause? Why then did you chuck the pig’s head, dog food and ran?

Dear Editor,

I write regarding your editorial titled: “P.M’s fear, pig head thrower and charge against King Faipopo. What a great fun.” Certainly fun to you and for me Sir but others might think not.

Especially, when the bravado to shine on social medium from so far away is overcome by the sound of the lonely cell keys, and the police guard stomping footsteps on the move in the middle of the night.

That Mr. Editor is no easy feat for our muso man King Faipopo. I hope he brought with him his musical equipment to entertain his fellow inmates, should he be elevated to the next stratum of flint. Anyhow, welcome to Samoa Mr. Paulo. My condolences and sympathy for the passing of your mother. May she rests in the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But however Mr. Editor, it is true indeed as you had said Sir: “For such a small country, there really is no dull moment”. That so is an accurate rollicking for the scope of our parameters Sir with the so much or, perhaps almost the never-ending fun we busk and adore. I can only compliment, us the happy lucky few. But sad are those who are tangled up with the long arm of the law.

Then we might as well make the most of it while we can Sir. Because Mr. Editor, there have been the off and low peak time when the real news start to dry up. Then, comes the humorous and the malicious deceptions Don the man has made a name for himself, with “his fake news” outburst. But right now in Samoa is no hoax Sir. It truly is happening. Malele Paulo aka King Faipopo, the Youtube and Facebook star, ostensibly so, has met his match.

The star in the making is here in flesh. I have found this as really amusing and amazing after watching a few of his online traits and I would never repeat or utter the quality of his characteristics; not even to scold my dear precious Poodle.

Apparently now, he tastes life behind bars. And one night in a police holding cell is an entree with the main course yet to cook. But after so many times calling out for the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa to come over to Australia and lock him (Paulo) up; and like they say Sir, “there are many ways to skin the cat”.

Here he was. He came home at his own volition (for his mother’s funeral) and the police hauled him up and threw in the cell. That obviously would serve him right and deservedly so. But, would he survive the intensity of the echelon should he be promoted to the infamous Tafa’igata penal institution? In there, is the depth of big time contemptible murderers and drug traffickers who have their own rules and territory to protect and control. That, we shall wait and see.

Then Sir, the pig head thrower and his gang of thugs; the lip service Mister Tala ... as I had known him, and commonly in Queensland. So he said Sir that he was prepared to die for his people? Well, definitely me and 99.99 per cent of Samoa who voted for the HRPP in the 2016 general elections, are not his people. We are the HRPP people. But Sir, if he had meant his gang of thugs as his people, then I have no quarrel.

I’m not in the same league. I’m a law-abiding citizen. But one certain factor I now know about Tala, he does not walk the talk. And also, he is a fast runner. If Tala reads Samoa Observer, I humbly urge him Sir his country needs him as a 100 metre sprinter for the upcoming Pacific Games in July. He has a hidden talent I did not know Tala possesses. Tala I appeal direct to you; if you need a coach and manager, you got my number mate. Just tingle me up. You need some fine-tuning I can work on with you to improve your take off to make you run like a rocket.

Enough of Tala for the time being Sir and all. But you had thought Mr. Editor, the stability of my HRPP government is vulnerable and being compromised? Well Sir, I respect your opinion but please note, that is farthest from the truth. 

The Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa did not use the word FEAR for the future of the HRPP.

He has gotten everything under control as was always the case. The man is Mister Fix it.  

He has that meticulous magnitude above all else.

But correct me if I’m wrong; I think you irrefutably twisted the facts to suit your motives. You see Sir, the Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa said, “the fate of Hon. La’aulialemalietoa was in his own hands”. The Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa said: “It has to be done to prevent others from repeating the same”.

Said he, “when one votes against the government, that is the end for that member”.

The Honourable Speaker of Samoa Parliament Tole’afoa Fa’afisi had lauded the same sentiment. Both are from the same political party. Both them said, it is crystal clear in the party by-laws.

The Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa said it is imperative for any vote in parliament concerning the Constitution of Samoa when amended for all members to support it. Failing that, is an automatic termination.

The Honourable Prime Minister of Samoa also indicated times when an open vote is called for, then it is up to individual party members to cast the vote to suit their conscious and distinctions.

Sir, for any country in the world, a strong leadership is required to make the gist of the policy decisions. No country would need a weak leadership. The stability and future of a government is its membership.

That Sir is why the Honourable Fatialofa ‘Auelua Tuila’epa Lolofie Lupesoli’ai Neioti Galemalemana A’iono Chief Longohu the Bird of Paradise Dr. Sa’ilele Malielegaoi the leader and Prime Minister of Samoa will die in office.

And when his time comes, another strong leadership will be given to Samoa from the mercy of our Holy Devine. He or she will lead our country and take over the reign from thereon.

But Sir, what is before us at this very moment is nothing but a storm in a teacup. For the big fishes of the deep sea, all will cruise along with ease. However the small tiny fishes of the shallow waters, would jump at every sprinkles.

The HRPP will not be disintegrated ever. It is as solid as a rock, trust me you Sir.

Take for instance in 1998 when Tofilau Eti Alesana had passed on and The Master took over the helm. This very medium had said back then that was the end of the HRPP. Then came the next general elections, the HRPP increased its majority. And as we see it before our very own eyes today, the writing is on the wall. Sir, here are some facts to help exert the positive over negatives, and to refresh the ailing and rusting memories.

Before the HRPP came to administer our country, there was no National University of Samoa; now there is. In the villages were only district and primary schools. Now there are colleges all over the country. Now, there is another flashy sports complex at Tuana’imato but Apia Park of old, and only back then.

 Back then, there were no Ministry of Natural Resources; Ministry of Commerce Industry and Labour; Ministry of LTA and Public Works; etcetera etcetera etcetera!!! There were no televisions with only radio 2AP. Now there are many television stations and are many also of radio stations.

Now the National Hospitals at Moto’otua and Tuasivi plus district health centres around the country and are so impressive. Gone were just some rundown shacks. Before, only the wealthy could afford and access motor vehicles but now, almost all the people of Samoa have a car or two when my HRPP government had decided to shift the steering wheel side to make it easy for Samoa people to get cars from families in New Zealand and Australia.

For the delight and pleasure of our people, the vessels plying both straits were nowhere of today’s inter islands ferries upmarket standard. And then, we have the Samoa Shipping Maritime Academy that recently graduated our first female sea captain with many local sailors now working in Cruise Ships and Container Carriers all over the world then of course sending the bacon home.

Now, the newly completed Faleolo International Airport has airbridges and terminal buildings for arrival and departure for people to possess and rejoice.

And to benefit Samoa’s old citizens today, they are enjoying the monthly pension where in the past, there was never such treat.

And then of course, back then the world ends in Samoa. But today, my HRPP government had shifted the dateline to begin life here in Samoa, and ends in American Samoa. Literally, life begins and ends in Samoa; American Samoa and the real Samoa.

Today, history has it on record that Samoa is the only country to mess around with the Gregorian Calendar, when my HRPP government had the day to leap 24 hours in just one tick. Only my HRPP government has the guts to expedite to the unknown. Now, in the Apia CBD, there are many high-rises spiralling everywhere. Also, it is easy for me to find a parking space as there are many parking meters to shy away the bludgers who are wasting life away in town.

And more today, our culture has been redefined to conform with the day and age; the finememat is restored into its glory days. There is no more new crop of made up matai titles to help boost voters tally for a candidate.

Then the days of cueing up at the telephone cubicles at downtown Apia General Post Office to make calls overseas is being replaced by ringing direct from the comfort of your own home whether in Savai’i, Aleipata, Anoama’a, Siūmu, Falealili, Safata and Falelatai. Or, do so from the luxury of your mobile telephone in a car or under the coconut trees.

Also, the Internet service in Samoa was never before but, we have it and has been abused by the so-called peoples’ people who are nothing but a lip service. They abused it to defame hard working innocent members of the decent society. It is also make accessible habitual use to hurl threats to lives of hard working honourable government officials.

But no matter the shifting trend Sir, Samoa is as peaceful as always because after a storm in a teacup, there is always calm and harmony in Samoa where the paramount chiefs and orators in the Village Councils would help the government to steady life.

And then Sir, the many of our local tradespeople my HRPP government have sent overseas for a year or two to New Zealand and Australia with their certificates being gained locally, and are now recognised internationally.

Or, the workers sent to farms and orchards in New Zealand and Australia to work the field then returned home with lots of money to build houses and buy cars for their families.

And or the workers being sent to Dunedin New Zealand livestock slaughter meat processing plants, learning new skills and earning lots and lots of money to bring home to help develop families in Samoa.

Then the land leases Sasina and many other villages have enjoyed since my HRPP government had introduced new laws in 2008 to make land leases more easy for the people of Samoa.

Our people needs to lease out more lands to make money from lands staying idling for years and years. And when the lease expires, Samoa people would end up with assets such as church buildings and hotels for their use.

There is more etcetera etcetera of countless development projects that Samoa had never entertained until my HRPP government had come into the rescue to lift our country from the bottom of the heaps. Now we are definitely out of the Least Develop Country United National tag.

So Sir, if ever; I mean if ever had I said I am prepared to die for my people and for my cause, then rest assure I will stand up for my mission and meant every single word I had said.

But for one to say he is ready to die for a cause but chucked a pig head then ran away fast, fearing for dear life, that is nothing but a lip service. It just doesn’t add up Sir. It just doesn’t add up.

But the life threats, the one second protest throwing a pig head and of making defamatory unfounded comments to break the law on social medium towards innocent honourable members of Samoa.

Sir, there is no place in our country for violence and all that garbage. Only a fool would rely on muscles and bones to express an opinion. The law is always there to protect the strong and the weak.

And if the truth is hurting so badly to comprehend, it is nothing but the truth.

May God Lord Almighty protect our Head of State, the Masiofo, Members for the Council of Deputies, the Honourable Prime Minister, Honourable Speaker, Honourable Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, and the Executive branches of our government.

May God bless Samoa! With my utmost respect Sir.


Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood


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