Mother pleads for help to build new home

A mother of two from Sataoa on the south coast of Upolu is seeking assistance to rebuild their family home.

The Samoa Observer came across Moila Letoi-Sulusi while she was carrying out her daily chores in Sataoa, where she lives with her two kids and husband, though her husband currently resides in Apia due to work. 

"Our family's main concern and struggle is the current situation of our home, it is an old house with no door or any surrounding support," she said. 

"As a mother, I am worried about my kids and their safety, they need a better home to live and grow up in. But that is not possible because we do not have the financial support.

"We are in need of iron roofing to cover the roof of our house from rainwater sipping through the holes. I have a difficult time trying to keep rainwater out from entering our house.

 As you can see we sleep on the floor and it is hard to sleep on the floor when it gets wet," she said.

Moila told this newspaper that safety is paramount and always of a great concern for her, as she does not want any harm to fall on her children, and they have to maintain a vigil at night to ensure no one enters their home. 

"No mother would want any harm to befall their kids and that is the same view I have, but it is quite difficult to sleep during most nights because I have to be on guard in case a stranger can come into my home and inflict any harm on me and my children.

"At times it is hard because my husband is away for work in town but we do not have any choice, we need money to survive but even though there is someone in the family who is employed, it is not enough.

"My husband's income cannot cover everything that we need, I stay home to look after my young children, our main priority for expenses is my kids' needs like food, diapers, clothes, and also to pay our water and electric bills," she added.

The 23-year-old said her husband's income runs out before the end of the week and told this newspaper of the challenges that they have to go through, brought on by the rise in the cost of living in Samoa.

"Another concern is the high cost of living. I believe the cost of living is too high for us because it has a great impact on our everyday expenses, we need so much but we cannot afford a lot.
"We are very thankful to God that we survive each day and that no harm has come to us, we acknowledge the Lord for his blessings despite our struggling situation.

"I really don't care about my well-being but I always put my kids  first, I hope and pray that they can live in a safe and secured environment."

If you want to help Mrs. Letoi-Sulusi family, please contact the number 7247985.

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