Sorry, but where else can I be heard?

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate that I have to turn to our national newspaper but we all know this is the only way for your common person in Samoa to be heard.

I would like to bring to your attention, a certain bar run at our rundown horse racing venue at Tuanaimato, which I must say is not an ideal place to have a bar due to the various locals living in that suburban area. 

The amount of noise pollution coming from that bar can be heard far and wide from Siusega, Ululoloa, Vaitele, to Talimatau. 

Perhaps some may argue that the direct money received is good for our economy, but please take into account the social cost of the families in that area with little children who are trying to sleep at night.

I am told by people from neighbouring villages that they have tried in vain to go to MNRE, PUMA, and other Government ministries but nothing has been done. 

They believe it is because it is owned by powerful people in Government. I myself have tried in vain calling various organizations only to be redirected to so many other people and places, some repeatedly telling me that they are still in the process of looking it.

I do also wonder about that bar and some others in that area, and how it may affect our S.L.C. golf course building, where it is supposedly to be used for rehabilitation purposes for individuals with cancer. You would think an environment of peace and serenity would be ideal for that area.

Therefore could someone in the right ministry/organization or whatever, please confirm whether this is legal, is everything in place with zoning, are the noise levels well below the permitted limit, etc?


Yours sincerely,


Paulo Leota


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