My World.

By Felisha Va’a 25 July 2016, 12:00AM

Felisha Va’a 

Year 6 

Vaiola Primary School


Sometimes I get to watch the news with my dad and I see a lot of scary things. In other parts of the world I see wars. I see people being locked up for doing bad things in America. I see children very hungry and starving in Africa. I see people in Fiji suffering from the cyclone that damaged many houses and trees. I see many diseases spreading to many people but I can’t remember the names of the countries because they are hard for me to remember. 

My father doesn’t really like me to watch bad news but he lets me watch it because he wants me to know that the world is not always rainbows and candy.

I was born in Fiji but I was raised in Samoa. My mother is Tuvaluan and my father is Samoan and we live in Samoa. This country is only a small dot on the map but it is the biggest part of my life so far. I always found it hard to learn the Samoan Language in Upolu but I’m learning a lot here in Savaii. 

We live together with many different families in the hospital compound. We all share food together every evening when we finish cooking our dinners. I have so many friends here because they are all very friendly. We also go to the same school and I travel to school with them sometimes.

I have already learned to make a mailo by weaving coconut leaves or launiu. I also help my mother make sua ia. My uncle says that the Samoan culture is what makes our country the pearl of the Pacific. He is a chief in Upolu but he is also trying to learn about the culture because there is a lot to learn.

I am an expert at cleaning the house with the Samoan salu and I like to help my mother with washing the dishes. I find it really hard to babysit my one year old brother because he is so cheeky. He is also very big and heavy and it hurts my back when I pick him up too much. My mother says that children learn how to server their parents and when I grow up, my children will serve me well with respect. I have learned that families must work together to help each other to grow. My parents both work at the hospital to make money for our family and so we must help in doing family chores or feaus.

Samoa is a peaceful place compared to other countries around the world. I spend lots of time at the hospital and I want to be a good doctor when I grow up. I always hear that there are not enough doctors in Samoa so I think I can be a big help for all the sick people. I get very sad when my baby brother gets sick. When he cries I also feel like crying and I want to help him but I don’t know what to do.

I didn’t know how to do many things before but now I do. This makes me believe what my teachers said. She said that education is the key to success. Even now, I am trying my very best at school so that I can make my dreams come true. Only then can I help my beautiful country. I also want to make lots of money so I can travel the whole world to see if the bad news is true. Maybe I can teach them to be peaceful like Samoa if they only learned about the culture. I am only one person, just like a dot on the map but that small dot can make a lot of difference.

By Felisha Va’a 25 July 2016, 12:00AM

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