Actions speak louder than words

Dear Editor,


Regarding the front page story titled “$13million investment lacked proper papers.

What can we do about it and what’s the point here? We were clearly told that all these high profile officials running the show were well educated, and some of them had more than 2, 3 or more Degrees up their sleeves. 

Doesn’t it all speak for itself now after the Audit? 

They are not that smart, they are acting stupid when caught red-handed. 

Well, from my perspective if we’d done the Auditing work some years ago, all these problem would have surfaced and strict policy and procedure/control would be put in place again and should be under the strict control of the Management, to ensure that it’s implemented in a professional manner. 

If you take into consideration the explanation/excuses behind it all, it send shivers up the back of your neck about how these people were actually hired in the first place.

 It’s like one Blind leading another One. 

Or, are they just acting dump and pretending to be stupid enjoying the Freebees from their actions?

 C’mon Auditors get to the bottom of it!

This is “obtaining money by deception.” 

It’s not confined to this Ministry but all other Govt. Ministries too. 

Surely, some people should be held accountable for all these deliberate errors and dodgy excuses. 

It’s either that or terminate their services and hire some intelligent people who know how to do the job and apply all the guidelines and procedures to also ensure tight-control at all time. 

And why have all these audits reports just released now after so many years past? 

Is it because you want to come clean now close to another election or what?

Or, deliberately brought up into light now, so that no action would be taken and for these people to continue on with their behaviour?

“E le mafai ga ku’ua ‘e le Gameli laga amio” leaga ‘ua masagi ai. 

Please, actions speak louder than words. 

Consider all these money wasted, enough to give a lending hand to our poor people or help to make payments for our debt. Not straight into some few people’s pocket. God bless.



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