Mother never tires of working

By Fetalai Tuilulu’u 18 April 2017, 12:00AM

When you know that your children depend on you for living you can’t just sit around. 

This is the message from Segia Salu, aged 40 from the village of Nofoali’i. 

When Village Voice caught up with Segia and her two children, they were  selling fāausi on the street.

“The Easter holiday is a great opportunity for some people to have a good rest from their jobs, but knowing that you have to earn money for your children, you don’t have to waste time relaxing. 

We don’t have anyone who works to provide for us, that’s why we are on the street every day to sell our goods, she told Village Voice.

“I know, everyone should be home thinking about the sacrifice of Jesus, but I can’t while my kids have nothing to eat. 

“This long weekend is very important to us to deliver our products twice a day because my kids are home to help me out.

“We all have to deliver to both sides of the village so that our holidays are worth it.” 

Segia’s priority is definitely her children.

“I give all my best for my kids; I want them to have better life for the future, so that they can provide for their own families.

“The money that we earn from what we sell is budgeted wisely for them. 

“I usually earn $60 a week; I save half of the money for our water and electricity bills, what’s left is for our basic needs and our children lunches at school. 

She also says that she pushes her children hard in school to getting skills and knowledge so that when they grow up they know what to do very well.

“Even though we hardly have any money, I still try my best to put all five kids through school; hoping that they will not end up the way I have - struggling to make ends meet. 

“When my husband and I don’t have anything to sell, our plantation is our back-up plan. 

Segia said when both the mother and the father have the same aim about the future of their children everything is easy. 

“We struggle but that doesn’t matter at all.

“My husband and I are in this together; we are aware that life is hard and we need to remind ourselves every day about that.  

Segia is a mother of seven children.

By Fetalai Tuilulu’u 18 April 2017, 12:00AM
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