How should we celebrate the day after Easter?

Every Easter should be about new beginnings of joy.

A reminder that Jesus rose on the Third Day, to save us from sin and to give us hope with a new start of happiness in life.  A lot of sickness today like lack of energy, digestive problems, migraines, eating disorders and insomnia are caused from not having the joy we should.  One of the greatest stress reliever God has given us is laughter.  Laughter is like taking medicine, it makes you feel good.  

God had the last laugh on Easter when he raised Jesus from the dead.  It is called the Easter laugh.  That is why we should laugh, too!  Here are some stories that I hope will put a smile on your face:

Two old friends were discussing if there were Easter bunnies in Heaven.  They made an agreement that whoever died first would come back and tell the other if indeed there were any Easter bunnies in Heaven.  A few months later, one of the old men died and just as promise, he came back to earth and said to his friend, “I’ve got good news and bad news.  The good news is that there are Easter bunnies in Heaven.  The bad news is you’re schedule to see them this coming Sunday.  

I heard a story about a husband and a wife celebrating their 70th birthdays together on Easter Sunday, when suddenly an angel appeared and said to them that God was going to grant each one a special request.   The wife was so excited she said, “I want to travel all over the world.”  Poof, the smoke cleared and suddenly she had tickets in her hand.  The husband was next, he shyly said, “My request is I want to be married to a woman 30 years younger than me.”  Poof, the smoke cleared and he was 100 years old.  (Well, that’s what he gets)

One Easter Sunday, my uncle invited people over for lunch.  At the table, my aunt turned to my six year old sister at the time and said, “Darling, would you like to say the blessings?”  My little sister looking very nervous said, “Aunty, I don’t know what to say” My aunt (without thinking) answered back, “Sweetie, just say what you hear me say.”  My sister bowed her head and said, “Oh Lord, why did we invite all these people to lunch?”  Honestly, you could have heard a pin drop.  Let’s just say I am now in charge of saying the blessings in our family.  

I heard about this little girl, she was attending this wedding for the very first time.  She asked her mother, “Why is the bride wearing all white?”  Her mother smiled and said, “White is the colour of happiness.  Today is the happiest day of her life.”  The little girl thought about it and then asked, “Why is the groom wearing all black?” 

I read about this Reverend, he was raising money for church renovation.  He told his congregation on Easter morning if anybody gives a thousand dollars, they can pick out the next three hymns.  Little old lady in the back raised up her hand and said, “Reverend, I’ll do it.”  He was so excited and said to her, “Thank you so much, go ahead and pick out the next three hymns.”  She looked over the congregation and said, “I’ll take him and him and him.”        

I hope these stories have made you laugh or at least smile.  Look for opportunities to laugh, stop stressing over things we cannot change and start training yourself to laugh more.  Laughter triggers the right side of the brain, which helps release creativity to make better choices.  Start a new beginning this Easter by watching something funny before you go to bed.  Take time to play, laugh and enjoy the life God has given us.

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