Career Climbing (Part 1)

Think a minute…A man struggling to succeed in his career wrote to a friend: “I want to climb higher, but I’m afraid I’ll fall.” His friend replied: “If your courage fails you, then don’t climb at all.” To climb higher in your career does not always require a higher education.

Many times you simply need common sense, motivation, and self-discipline. Even if you do not think you’re a natural leader or manager, you can develop these qualities and learn the skills that will raise you up to the career you want. But you must start today if you are going to be ready. “Success happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Today and tomorrow we will take a short training course for career climbing. 

First, we must always do our best—even with the small, simple jobs. A wise man said: “Small tasks bring out the character of people. Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, while many do not turn up at all.”

Remember, since the “devil is in the details” we must learn to “sweat the small stuff.” This is how we develop an attitude and habit of doing quality work, so in everything we do we maintain our standard of excellence. That is what our boss will see and reward us for.  

Another important part of our career training is learning to get along with fellow workers. You will often work with different personalities, so you need to learn to relate effectively to them and work well together. Learn to help others, and also to accept help from them. There are many intelligent, skilled people who never fully succeeded in their career because they never learned how to work well with others. 

Jesus said that if you are faithful and diligent with small responsibilities, then you will be given authority over greater ones. It is when we discipline and train our mental attitude, character, and relationships with people, that we develop a lifestyle of success and reach our potential. Today, won’t you ask Jesus to take charge of your character and career every day?  Just think a minute…

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