Criticism is warranted

Dear Editor,

With all do respect to you Mrs. Parker, the criticism is warranted due to the lack of electricity and water to some of our people while the government is funding your son’s dream. 

We are proud of your son and his accomplishment. The criticism means people are paying attention. The government needs to know that there are people with basic needs that are being ignored.

There is also a conflict of interest in play here. Other Samoan athlete could not get a penny from the government to support their endeavor, but since your son is related to the P.M, it becomes a negative perception from our people.

Your son can make more money if his team/promoters is putting up their own money like any other champion fighter. 

Having a country put up money for his fight while some of its people are suffering from lack of basic necessity is not a positive image for him.

You as a mother have every right to defend your son against criticism. I am proud of you for standing up for your son. 

But I hope you can share the view and the sentiment of those who are being ignored by the P.M and his Cabinet. 

I hope you can understand the criticism and speak out against the lack of jobs for our people.


T. Leone

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