The sad part about the Mau

Dear Editor,

Re: The spirit of the Mau movement 

The sad part about this movement was the fact that even though we gained our independence back, the lock, stock and barrel we went through, undermined our natural government of Tumua and Pule.

The government we adopted under their Statute of West Minister style of government is still under the Common Wealth of nations which we are still subject to the Queen of England. Samoa mo Samoa was never the same ever since we were inducted to this new form of government.

Our unanimous, oneness in agreement with our aiga of Tumua and Pule was replaced by a Democratic system of govt. with their 51- 49 % of the majority of gangsters rule at the demise of the other 49.

Our old system of government was one holistic system that represents the true nature of GOD; “ONENESS”, EQUILIBRIUM, UTOPIAN, BALANCE etc. No one even the Sa’o of the family can unilaterally do anything without the consensus of the whole family.

A 100% in agreement or none at all. As one of our native songs attest to: “Na tofia e le Atua Samoa ina ia pulea e Matai. O lona suafa pa’ia ua vaelua i ai.”

My grandmother from Asau Savai’i, a family member, who went to assist and to help the late Ta’isi O.F. Nelson who was one of the organizers of the Mau Movement on one of his exile trips during the Mau Movement was a testament of defiance against the outsiders.

And a lot more of our courageous forefathers that stood against imperialism at the time. These were the true hero’s of our time.

The wisdom of our forefathers knowingly distrusted the foreigners of their future intent signed into law legislation to protect the integrity of our customary land in 1965.

But now it has been stripped from us under the Land and Title Registration act of 2008. Once you register your land, you are willing by law to give the state the custodial of that land. In other words its a form of security. You just hold a title in theory but the authority of that land lies with the (king) or in this case the state.

A trickery law that every western countries are beholden to this fraudulent law orchestrated by the Torence System. All the natives or the indigenous people of the world from South American Indians to the Americas to the Canadian Indians, Hawai’i, Australia, New Zealand and now Samoa are all victims of these shenanigan laws.

The International Monetary fund, ADP, World bank under their UN mandate cahoots with our govt. to change laws to make it friendlier to loan us money with the intention that it will be secured by our customary land.

Modernization comes with a price. The elevation of our country status from an under develop country to a developed country opened the flood gates of investors with their money willing to take a stake of equity from the developments that’s going on in our beloved paradise of Samoa; undermining our customary land interest because we were sold out by our govt.

I would rather eat fa’alifu and drink Samoan koko than be subjected to outside invaders with their fiat currency money and their phony religion to dumb us down while they steal our land under our noses. People wake up, their modus operandi; “The end justifies the means.” Our future with our land is at stake! No land means no identity.


Leituala Roger B

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