Land is our inheritance from God

The land is vital to Samoa’s future aspirations.

As such, the people of Samoa must do everything in their power to protect it. That includes the government.

So says 64-year-old Mulinu’u Mataia, of Tufulele. The father of four says that while Samoa is not rich in terms of natural resources, the land is God’s gift to us.

 “I’m very thankful to God for the land we have,” he said.

Mulinu’u is a planter. His livelihood and that of his family depends on their plantation. 

“I don’t want to think about what will happen if we did not have land,” he said.

 “People all over Samoa are known for planting and selling the fruits of their land to earn money. My family is no exception.”

“We’ve got a home thanks to the fruits of the land, everything we buy is from what we plant so we are grateful.”

“It’s all about hard work and making proper use of our land.” 

But it’s not just any land.

Samoa’s soil is very fertile.

“You just put it down and it will grow. It might take a while to harvest but we are not doing anything after that, we let God do his work.”

Mulinu’u said the government should give incentives for people to work the land harder. There is still plenty of land in Samoa to be developed.

“We forget about all the hard work when we receive the money, and that motivates us even more.”  

“That’s how life should be. If you don’t want to beg around for help you work hard for it.” 

He also believes that as Samoa, should use our resources wisely to the best we can.   

“We are so lucky that we have land. My only advice to our people is that you will not get anything just by sitting around.” 

“Money is just around us, I mean everywhere around us. We only have to find them and use it to support our families.” 

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