Samoa has entered unchartered waters

Dear Editor

Re: Re: Central Bank cracks down on “One Coin” scheme

I am writing referring to this article above. I think it is imperative to know that cryptocurrency will make its way to Samoa and your Central Bank may find itself a competition because cryptocurrency can operate independently of a Central Bank.

That is why you are upset Miss Governor of Samoa Central Bank. I can understand the fear. 

Let’s see, there was this one time Stui stood up publically announced his embrace of new technology and change. He said that Samoa would not fall behind. That Samoa will try and catch up with the rest of the world. 

Now, the world is entering new territories with cryptocurrency and unlimited access to information everywhere and on social media and suddenly your administration trembles with fear because you suddenly realise that you are now on uncharted waters. 

You have never been there before and you are scared out of your wits. They didn’t teach this stuff in the fancy Universities you went to. Look, it’s OK some of us, we-coconuts, know how to navigate through some of those uncharted territories. 

But, a word of advice to the powers that be (Samoa), please slow down on your enthusiasm to make more plastic. Open your eyes and look around the world and see life there. It has not really improved for the better, has it? 

People are becoming more disconnected than ever before. 

Today the world is becoming more and more of a digital community, virtual that is than real live human interaction and communities. The developed world development is replacing nature with plastics and has sprinkled one or two trees in the middle of it like an insult to nature. 

The whole cycle of extreme insanity is encircling and surrounding the existence of worlds that used to be human. And Samoa is not far behind. 

Today, Samoa is still a desirable destination for tourists visiting its natural habitat of real humans, living off the lands. 

But slowly you the government have infected and intoxicated them with ideas of paper money wealth so they could buy what with, more processed foods, European look-alike-houses, cars that run on gasoline that a small government would have to borrow monies to set up infrastructure to house these things of plastic so you could what, go to your grave and tell yourselves you have done something for your people, NOT true, all you have done was destroy anything that was innocent of this indigenous population.

Now, I know I am straying from the discussion at hand but hey I am just filled with these thoughts and they have to be written down.

Who am I? I am you. I am your grandmother. I am your grandfather, your sister, your uso, your tuaoi, your ancestor who navigated the Pacific ocean for a future for our Tagata nu’u ma aiga.

Our ancestors found these eleele for a reason, to give us peace, to give the world peace when they come to see it so that the world can learn how our tagata have lived respectfully with nature and God. Just slow down, look at our neighboring countries and learn not to do what they’ve been doing. Our people may enjoy living overseas because of the sparkling shiny things but deep inside they know that the eleele is calling.

The last piece of our Tagata uncorrupted by greed is now up for grabs (our land) because of your new laws. Is it too late to change your mind? I hope not or maybe the cancer is terminal and it has far gone. Well, perhaps its time to move to the center of the earth before the damp vultures (Chinese capitalists) find there way there too. 

Look, I am NOT inciting hatred to our dear brothers, they are just like us. I am just saying that if you know your brother is drunk and you still give him the keys to drive you home that could be problematic, yes?


Tagi A. Mativa

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