Samoans living in Samoa and anti foreigners

Dear Editor,

My affable conscious, trying to absorb and integrate the perverse fraught incendiary by Samoa human exports to a foreign country, against Samoa 2008 land lease law, and new Chinese arrivals in Samoa is baffling beyond my comprehension.

Sir, only if the argument comes from the Samoa local dwelling citizens who have never had any intention to live overseas, that then I would understand and accept.

But from the Samoan people enjoying “a state of physical ease and freedom” in an overseas country this writer would not tolerate.

Take people such as Talalelei Pauga and Malele Paulo etcetera etcetera as a classical example Sir, who are enjoying “leasing” and “renting” a house; perhaps others who may have bought and owned properties in an overseas country!

For sure no born citizen of Australia, New Zealand, etcetera etcetera had objected for any person from Samoa, to have “leased”, “bought”, or “rented” a house or “land”, in an effort to deny a simple basic human right; a roof over the head for ones family.

Or, for the matter Sir, of life success, the luxury to enjoy the fruit of thy hard labour venturing into a business, to “lease” or “rent” a “land” or “properties” to operate such as our hard working new Chinese immigrants to our beautiful Samoa.

I would say Sir, most probably, 99.99 per cent of SSIG are expatriates.

They have been enjoying life in a foreign land as immigrants or descendants of a Samoa immigrant.

However Mr. Editor, these are the very same people who hate new Chinese immigrants to Samoa, and the “leasing of lands to foreigners”.

And while our wonderful Chinese new citizens are working tirelessly to make the positive contributions for the development of our country with cheap commodities and are paying taxes as well, our very human exports are nothing but a lip service from so far away.

They hit the news headlines for all wrong negative reasons. They are nothing but a shame for Samoa.

While some of these expatriates have expedited the pleasure to get free and cheap education in a foreign country, now have been blinded by their egos to exploit a simple situation to capitalise for a profit and fame.

I can only broach the feisty trajectory of a few bandits to stop and think about their own situations as immigrants in a foreign overseas country.

Sir, as a very proud Samoa who spent more years of my life in a foreign country, as always, had strongly condemn and do not condone racism in any shape or form aimed towards my way. The complexion diversity in any country’s culture is brought by immigrants.

I was so proud to live abroad as a happy Samoa.

The pique for all my life to fight and stand up as a proud humanbeing against racisms in a foreign country, are hereby being compromised by the aplenty racists who have called themselves, as fighting for Samoa in this, “my government right to pass any law afforded unto them by the Constitution” as partliamentarians. This is an affront to human decency Sir.

With my utmost respect.

Tofaeono Misātauveve Iosefo Joseph Hollywood


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