Semiperive family living by the day

Life is tough for 56-year-old Laulauga Semiperive of Falevao and her family.

She would be relieved to see Samoa’s cyclone season coming to an end next month. But for now the condition of their family-owned house – with its old rugged roof and minus doors and windows – makes it vulnerable to extreme weather condition and by extension its occupants.

“We have been living here for over 20 years and this land belongs to my husband’s family. My main concern is the home we live in, as you can bear witness to it, it has no doors or windows.”

“The roof is old and rugged, which is why it leaks during rainy days and not to mention the inside of the house getting wet,” she said.

During the cyclone season, she becomes paranoid about their family home, and worries about the impact that a cyclone will have on her family. 

“The current situation of our house is vulnerable, and it cannot withstand a tropical cyclone and that is why I am always paranoid around this time.”

“We always pray that Samoa does not get hit by a cyclone because we would have no home if it gets damaged.”

“Water is another issue for our family which is why we need a water tank, we have access to the village water supply but it is not treated, so we have to boil the water before we consume it,” she said, in an interview. 

A water tank will also be useful for the family, added Laulauga, as the water is disconnected and they currently get water from generous neighbours. 

“All human beings need water because without it, we cannot survive, it has so many usages like cooking and preparing food, consumption, bathing and also for our waste facility which is another concern.”

“At the moment, we do not have access to a proper modern toilet; we are using an old facility.”

“In our family my daughter is the only one employed but her income cannot cover our expenses and needs, so we have to be smart and budget wisely,” she added. 

According to Laulauga, most of their weekly expenses are spent on school items. 

“My daughter has four kids and she prioritizes her kid’s education because of the belief that education is the key to a successful future.”

“For our food supply, even if we do not have enough but we are truly grateful to our Heavenly Father for his never ending love and care for the gift of life.”

“We are able to continue each day living thanks to his protection and guidance. Life was never meant to be easy and so each day is a constant battle for survival.”

If you are willing to help the family of Laulauga Semiperive from Falevao, please contact the number: 7222035.

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