It’s lost on you

Re: Taxing remittances 

It’s obvious that the basic concept of tautua is lost on you. Most countries allow their expatriate citizens to vote from abroad.

What stood out as ironic is that the HRPP govt also largely adopted and followed policies from other countries abroad, like that of the LTRA 2008.

If the govt is able to do that, why can’t her Samoan citizens abroad retain their human rights to vote?

Both citizens residing in Samoa and abroad are providing the tautua either directly or indirectly, regardless.

First you try to pull the wool over the eyes of readers that Samoans abroad do not contribute to the economy, let alone feel the daily financial constraints Samoans in Samoa are enduring…this has now been clarified clearly to you that both of your claims aren’t accurate.

Now you are imposing your unjustifiable will, in getting the rights of Samoans living abroad to vote from abroad.

Question: Why are you trying to ignore the tautua of Samoans abroad, and impose your stiff and typical H.R.P.P. dictatorial prerogative in removing the rights of other Samoans who are tautua from having their say in deciding the appropriate govt. in Samoa?

You are really a silly little fool, PS Jeffrey. I believe it has lost on you the famous old saying “e lele lava le toloa, ae maau i le vai.”

Your typical H.R.P.P.-ways cannot ever erase the blood, bones and flesh of Samoans in every corner of the globe, let alone their souls.


Ropati V

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