“Thank you little Samoa! It’s been beautiful”

By Soli Wilson 01 March 2019, 12:00AM

First time visitor, Anna Bublitz, from New Zealand has thanked Samoa for everything it had to offer.

“I cannot believe how beautiful it is and I love the colours,” she said, referring to both the lush greenery to the brightly painted houses.

“The colour; there is so much colour here. It’s like, where else in the world do you find this?”

Anna told of a story where they stopped and asked a family in Moata’a if she could take a picture of their beautiful hot pink and lime green house, which also had lime green curtains.

She also took another photo of the pink and yellow Tole’afoa service station at Fagali’i.

“And the people are warm, happy and welcoming,” she explained.

“It’s just the little things that make it special – I can’t believe it – so excited to come back.”

Anna travelled to Samoa with her partner, James Wakeman, both in their 40s; she admitted that if it wasn’t for a Grab-a-Seat promotion, she would not have come to Samoa.

“We just got a Grab-a-Seat and to be honest I don’t know whether if we didn’t get that Grab-a-Seat, that’s probably, what got us here,” she said. “And I always go to Fiji, but now that I’ve been here, I would definitely come back here.”

She told Dear Tourist that what stood out most for her was definitely the communal effort to care for the gardens in the villages and how people carried themselves while doing so.

“The pride; like you see people out planting on the side of the road and gardening, that is something you don’t see much, as a community, you know.

“Come to New Zealand and you get people that have lovely gardens but you wouldn’t drive through a whole village and see everybody taking care of their surroundings, so that’s been really nice for me.”

She also spoke about the impressive food and restaurants they’ve been exploring in Upolu.

“We went to Giordano’s twice and that was like top notch food and then we went to the Bistro Tatau. And that for fine dining; they outweighed anything we would get in our hometown in New Zealand – their food was outstanding – and the service; it’s beautiful and I’m so pleased that I’ve come.”

Anna told of their adventures around the island visiting Piula Cave Pools, “the beautiful clear one,” as she describes it, and seeing the lush greenness of nature, “that’s my favourite landscape and I love the creepers that go up the tree and come down again,” she described.

“It’s something you probably don’t notice because you see it all the time but when you look at it from fresh eyes; it’s just beautiful,” said Anna.

She said even the cows look good in Samoa.

“They’re pretty cows; got out of the car to take a photo of the good looking cows,” she said. “In New Zealand, they’re not beautiful, fine looking animals like these cows, I just can’t believe it.”

She reckons that if someone was to visit Samoa and not rent a car, it would be a mistake, “because you’re missing out on so much.”

“We go to Fiji often and you know what? There’s not a patch on this. Nothing against Fiji, because I love Fiji but this is way more beautifully maintained; everything about this place is like ten notches up from Fiji, and it’s just natural beauty!” said Anna

The pair have four children between them and she cannot wait to bring them over, she said.

“I’ll be definitely recommending it, and I’ll be following up my Instagram chat with anybody that wants to come here to come see me and I’ll tell them all the places.”

At the end of the interview she said: “So, thank you little Samoa! It’s been beautiful.”

Anna and James have been residing at Taumeasina Island Resort for the duration of their trip and are set to depart end of this week.

By Soli Wilson 01 March 2019, 12:00AM

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