The Samoa we’ve got today

Dear Editor,

Re: Who is the author of all this confusion?

On point Mata’afa Keni! I think our self-serving politicians are to blame for most if not all of this nonsense.

The ruling government is forever changing things to tighten control over everything by amending and repealing our legislation to suit their agendas.

It is known from history that when a country is a single party state, well it tends to become an Authoritarian/Dictatorial regime. We need to be aware of what is going on in our country.

What better way to scourge and oppress our people, by keeping them destitute. Then give them just enough at the right time to make them think the government is doing a lot for them and they should be grateful.

With all the monies received from Aid, Charities, grants and loans you would think Samoa does not have water, electricity, health, education, employment, social issues, poverty, domestic violence, crime, drug and alcohol problems. Well there is plenty of it in paradise!

There is so much injustice for the poor man but plenty privileges and two tiered judicial system for the top end of town. People are depressed and have lost confidence in our greedy politicians.

Oh but don’t you dare criticize the Supreme Leader and his regime unless you want to see what the inside of a cell looks like, you might even get to visit Tanumalala that’s if they ever finish building it.

This regime has passed laws to suppress our voices, to suppress our minds, to suppress our moral obligations to our society. We have been conditioned to be submissive and follow orders. We’ve become desensitized to the betrayal and performance of the very people we voted for to lead and protect us.

So who is coming up with these amendments? 

They sleep throughout Parliament time and then suddenly wake up. “Eureka! I’ve got a great idea of how to ruin the lives of our people.”

To stay in power they will pass laws that is designed to break down our society thus making it easier to control people. 

Our culture and traditions will be harmed. Starting from lax customary land legislation engineered to slowly loosen the matai and aiga’s pule over their customary land.

Laws that harm freedom of speech, laws that restrict freedom of information, laws that could allow teachers to abuse students, laws that allow young people to sell tobacco and alcohol, laws that allow foreign investors to buy up our lands without being citizens, laws that allow foreign countries to deplete our fish stocks, etc.

Our leaders downplay reports of poverty, of prostitution, of domestic violence, of child abuse, of crime mostly linked to drugs and alcohol. And yet they pass laws to allow the young who are prone to vices easily obtain these.

Break down of our cultural traditions start from the next generation losing their cultural identity. But it doesn’t look like there is much concern from our leaders except building their legacy.

“A nation of sheep will soon have a government of wolves.” Soifua.



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