The Brexit campaign is a disaster for Great Britain

Dear Editor,

Re: World stocks leap as fears ease over British vote on EU

Wendy, you can call it "anger towards the elites" but what I am seeing is racists blaming immigrants for their own problems and blaming it all on the EU and anyone earning more money than them. 

The funny thing about all that BREXIT nonsense is that one day after the vote, all the main characters leading the leave the EU camp have backtracked on their promises – 

1) the "savings" from the EU will not go into the British NHS - this was a huge promise during the campaign; 

2) Immigration actually won't go down by much, especially if Boris Johnson wants to join the European Economic Area instead - the EEA is pretty much the same as being in the EU but without having any say at the table; 

3) Cornwall and other places seeking desperate assurances that they will get the same level of funding from the UK government as the EU regional funds which were pumping millions of pounds into their depressed regions.

What a mess they have made. The British economy is now in free fall. 

Today, Standard and Poors has downgraded the UK's credit rating to AA down from AAA. Everything that was predicted to go wrong has gone wrong. 

This is what happens when misinformed racist peasants get led down the garden path by racist politicians who are themselves ELITES - Boris Johnson was educated at Eton; Nigel Farage at Dulwich; Michael Gove at Oxford. 

It would be funny if it wasn't for thousands of jobs now immediately in danger as hundreds of companies start looking to move out of Britain to the nearest EU country. 

The geniuses who ran the Brexit campaign are now trying to stall the exit process for as long as possible to save the British economy. In reality, they have committed economic suicide and the country won't recover for at least a decade or more.


PS Jeffrey

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