Solution to the school fights in Apia

Dear Editor,

Re: Students brawl in Apia 

With all due respect I write to share a thought about the problem with students fighting in Apia due to issues with a sporting competition. I’m convinced this solution will help eliminate the problem and save everyone time and money in dealing with this nonsense.

May I suggest the following as a solution:

1. Eliminate all interschool sporting competitions from schools.

2. Have each sporting body (rugby, netball, etc) form sport clubs (outside of schools) for their sport to manage competitions and development at all levels.

3. Have sporting bodies support development and competitions through the club level.


1. No interschool fights due to sporting events because clubs are now based on village and matai leadership. You and your family will be punished in your club and village if you create any problems.

2. Schools will no longer have to cut their day short due to sporting events because competitions will be on Saturdays and non school days.

3. Schools no longer carry the financial burden of catering for these sports --- training, uniforms,  transportation, coaches, food, etc. Many schools do not have proper transportation to safely transport athletes to games. Many are loaded on the back of trucks where many accidents can happen.

4. Teachers can concentrate on teaching the students instead of being loaded with extra duties to coach teams or looking after these athletes.

5. School fees paid by the parents are being used precisely for what they were meant for, that is paying for teaching hours in the classroom not for half days due to sports. A school would have 10% of the student body participate in sports but releases everyone early because teachers have to go supervise the student athletes.

6. Funding to help clubs can come directly from these sporting bodies instead of school funds that were not meant for sports.


Samoa has spent so much time and money trying to eliminate this problem not to mention the many innocent lives that have been ruined by interschool fights because of sporting events. 

It is time that we take a serious look at a solution.

I believe this will help and the development and competitions will improve because there will be enough time and expertise dedicated at the club levels for each sport. Samoa can still participate in overseas competitions because all competitions are based on age group.



Oloipola Tai Tauiliili 

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