Coping with life by working hard

By Ulimasao Fata 26 November 2017, 12:00AM

Hard work can be the only way to cope with the hardship life within our country.

This is the belief of a father of four Fa’aleaga Kalolo 47 years of age from the village of Lalomanu Aleipata. 

Mr. Kalolo was returning home with his Sunday to’ona’i after his work at his plantation when Village Voice caught up with him.

Mr. Kalolo said he has four kids; two currently in schools while the other two stay at home, and will be in school next year.

Mr. Kalolo said only one member of his family has a job, so they are mostly dependent on the plantation for feed.

“We have eight people in our house and out of eight only one person has a job and that’s the only money we earn.

“We are currently living together with my wife’s uncle and her cousin and my children under one roof.

“I don’t work but my role in supporting our family is that I work the land and our plantation for our food, while my wife stays home doing all the chores.”

Mr. Kalolo said he believes life in the rural area is a tough one compared with life in the town area.

“Life here in rural area is really different in terms of supporting families.

“The life here is hard and things are so expensive that most people here can’t afford to have them.”

Mr. Kalolo also said that rural life also depends on the sea for food for most of the time because of the expensive cost of living today.

“Trust me, nowadays the cost of meat is really expensive around our area but the sea has always been there and provides for us.

“When I’m done with my work at the plantation everyday then I’ll just come home and then get ready to go fishing.”

Mr. Kalolo said that cost of living won’t change by itself but he believes working will be the only way to cope with it.

“Everyone understands that the cost of living nowadays is expensive and the only solution to it is to work so that we can support our families from this hard life.”

By Ulimasao Fata 26 November 2017, 12:00AM

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