Where do i begin?

Think a minute…A mountain climber ended up lost, so he stopped to ask directions. He was told: “You cannot get there from here. You must start from the other side of the mountain.”

The path the mountain climber was on was leading him to a dead end. The starting place of a journey will determine your destination, so you do not want to be on the wrong road from the beginning.  

A philosophy professor wrote to 250 of the most brilliant philosophers, scientists, and writers in the world asking them this question: “What is the meaning of life?” Not one of them knew the answer.

In fact, some of them wrote the professor back asking him if he knew! Isn’t it strange that the world’s most educated, intelligent people do not even know the simple purpose of life? Something is wrong with this picture!  

Can it be that we are looking in the wrong places? Almost all of the roads that we take, like that mountain climber, lead us to a dead end. That includes looking for the answer in ourselves.

Since none of us created ourselves, there is no way we can tell ourselves what we were created for. If you invented something I had never seen before, I could not know its purpose, and the invention itself would not be able to tell me either. Only you the inventor, or the owner’s manual that you yourself wrote, could explain to me the purpose of your invention.

The songwriter and singer George Harrison of the Beatles said this at the end of his life: “Nothing is as important as our search for God.”

The famous atheist, Bertrand Russell, said that if you do not believe God is real, then life has no meaning and purpose, since you don’t believe anyone made or designed us with a purpose. But of course that does not make much sense. We are obviously here for a reason.

So where do we begin? At the beginning! We can keep trying to take these other roads that lead only to dead ends, or we can simply ask our Maker Himself. That is why God became a human being named Jesus Christ. He came to show us who He is, so we could know who we are and why we are here.

Remember, “You do not need to know exactly where you are going as long as you know who you are following.” So won’t you start trusting and following Jesus and His way of life each day?

He is the only One Who can show you your purpose and also enable you to truly live it. Jesus Himself said that is the only way you can live a totally successful, satisfying and safe life now, and be ready for your next life that lasts forever. Just think a minute… 

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