Emphasize good education and Christianity values

Dear Editor, 

I don’t think the closing of Avele College permanently is the only solution to the problem.

To Prime Minister and leaders of Samoa; writing with all due respect, I would like to express my personal opinion about these issues regarding fighting of students among different schools and of course the closing down of Avele College. 

Moreover, as far as I know, Avele is not the only school, which causes or is involved in fighting with other schools. Further, if we see this problem in another perspective we must realize that … if this is the case, other schools should also be penalized.

Additionally, imagine if all these schools will be closed for example, and that means we will be, of course facing some more problems in the future. 

Maybe half (50%) of these students will be able to continue their education if they would be accepted again in other schools but the rest of the students might not be able to study again for whatever reasons, they will eventually stay home. 

And these uneducated young people will cause more problems at home and even in public places. What about the future of our nation? Because these young people are the bright future of our country Samoa. Thus, we need to help and encourage our young people to get a good education.

My personal advice to help reduce or avoid these problems:

a. Emphasize school devotion every morning and if possible it’s good to have at least two days a week to have a special service in each school for students to hear the Gospel preached because only God can change our lives through his word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “who the Son set free will be free indeed” (Jn.8:36). 

Take for example the United States of America, since they gradually removed God from their institutions; the government and the people of America are facing tremendous problems today simply because they ignored God and His help. They have moved away from what their forefathers wanted which is: “In God we Trust”.

b. Let’s start the habit of student fellowship with others by having a gathering or so’o (but not sports or competition but good creative activities) among different schools, and this will create good friendship. Because simply if you know someone who is your friend it will be impossible for you to hurt him/her again. 

c. Good to have strong discipline of students at home by their parents and emphasize the matais’ leadership and authority among all the villages. 

Finally, I am not against your decision because I know that is another possible solution to this problem for the time being, but what I mentioned above are only suggestions and the expression of my own personal opinion. 

At the end of the day, good education plus good Christian character of students will contribute a lot to their future and the peace/prosperity of this country as well. 

Alapati Avealalo

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