Deal with these issues

Dear Editor,

Ref: P.M.’s Gift from American Samoa.

There is still hope although absolute power is with the Prime Minister (P.M.) for another electoral term because the Tautua Party lived and died deservingly.

But I happily invite every Samoan as in the words of Tuilaepa ‘ who is a true Samoa’ and the world to consider this message of hope. Hope from what?

From what Mata’afa K. Lesa and Gatoaitele S. Malifa have rightly alluded to as at least inconsistencies in the administration of justice. 

Let me use [1] the withdrawal of petitions; and [2] the Minister of Justice situation as templates.

Thus I invite respectfully the Ombudsman Maiava I Toma by virtue of Part 3 section 18(2) of the Ombudsman (Komesina o Sulufaiga) Act 2013 (ACT) to:

 [1] review the recent interference of the P.M. with the administration of justice in the country; and

 [2] review how the MoJu was not detected by the Electoral Commissioner and the Electoral Office beforehand ...

Indeed this is a public complaint mandated by the ACT section 22(1) more-so because the Ombudsman’s legislated powers and inherent independent in Part 22 section 6 must be exercised right now. Please don’t say you do not have jurisdiction because now we see you certainly do!!!

Since these issues are public matters I look forward to hearing from you whether I need to write direct to your office of which I will certainly obey when needed.

Malietoa e, x 2; Gatoaitele e, x 2; Tui Atua e, x 2 faafetai le teu, sao faalalelei o lau pule lea!!!

Tapaau Lomitusi

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