By Layton Lolo 10 May 2016, 12:00AM

There are so many things I wish to say

So many things I wish to tell you

But I can’t


I try to do right but it all goes wrong

Try to repent of my sins

But that’s who I am


I wish to say how I feel but it all comes out backwards

I want you to see the good in me

But what’s there to see?


I’m a mess; a mistake; a stain on life

I want to burst with flying colors

But that’s just not me


I want to be heard

To have people acknowledge my voice, my words

I want it to be possible


I want to be greater than what I am

What I was born to be

But it seems to me, impossible


I want to be better

I want to change for the better

So what am I missing?


I want people to respect me

To understand me in a way

But I guess I’m just wishing


I want to give you my time to waste

But time isn’t my friend

It takes more than it gives


I wish and I wish but no one’s granting

Grant me my wish! Give it to me!

But… is that a way to live?


I wish all this didn’t happen

I wish it went different

To something better than this


Somewhere, where you understood me

Where you knew me and loved me

Where I didn‘t have to wish


Do you wish?  Do you wish for things you don’t have?  For things you know are impossible, but you still can’t help but wish for them?  If so, then do you just wish wishes came true?  The wishes which are impossible? 

The ones that are the most personal and wanted but you already know the answer?  These are just a handful a questions that come to mind when the word ‘wishes’ come into play.

Wishes are what I call, “Pleads for things we know we can’t have.”  But when you think about it, we can’t stop wishing.  It seems to be a part of being human and a part of life.  Everyone has had a moment in their lives where they have wished for something, whether it be totally impossible or in the range of ‘able to happen but crazy hard to pull off.’

In the story, where Aladdin finds a lamp and finds himself in the extraordinary circumstance where any three wishes he wants can be granted to him, but then finds there are rules on wishing.  Aladdin is told that his wishes can’t kill anybody, make anyone fall in love, or bring anyone back from the dead. 

What people don’t know in life is that there are rules to wishing as well, except there are a lot more than just three rules and a little harsher.

The first rule is that you can’t wish and think that, that’s it!  You need to do your part in order for it to come true, the wish can only take you part way, you have to do the rest.  The second is that stupid wishes don’t come true, and that’s one of the harsh ones. 

You can’t wish for crazy things like for magic money that appears whenever you want it.  It just can’t happen.  The third is sometimes wishes aren’t meant to come true.  This world will test and test you again, over and over, day after day, for as long as you live, so if one little wish doesn’t come true then it just means that it’s just not meant to be and there is always a new tomorrow to get it.  The fourth is that wishes can’t come true if you do it alone.  Wishes cannot be achieved if you do it solo.  Involve people in your wishes and you’ll start to see the difference.  The fifth is that you can’t give up.  It’s that simple.  Don’t give up because that’s how wishing looses.

There are plenty more rules in the world that near the hundreds but these are my five rules to successful wishing.

As for the poem at the beginning, I believe that the success of an artist is in the little mysteries of his work, so I’ll let you decide what it means.  As for wishing, I just wish all the mothers out there the best and hope they had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  All I wish is that they help their family and children in their wishing.  But for me, I couldn’t wish for a better mother and family than what I have now.

So keep wishing, keep dreaming, keeping living, because one day will come when your wishes become reality.

By Layton Lolo 10 May 2016, 12:00AM

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