Life in Upolu much easier than Savai’i

By Sarafina Sanerivi 21 October 2016, 12:00AM

Moving closer to a country’s central business district in search of a better life is not uncommon

For some, they find a life with more struggle than the life they left behind. But for Oscar Brown, from the village of Falelauniu-Tai, he says the move from Savaii to Upolu was a great decision.

Aged 21, he says the life in Upolu is freer than that of Savaii.

“We were living in Savaii before,” he told the Village Voice.

“We just moved here not too long ago and we have noticed a lot of differences from the life in Upolu and Savaii.

“One of the differences is that in Savaii, we still go by the old way, we have strong village councils, Matai’s, and way of the village.

“Over here, it seems as if the Faasamoa is a little weaker. Everyone is just free over here. Compared to Savaii, there’s like nothing much to do.

“There aren’t many chores here or village practices that you can find in Savaii.”

The young man expressed that the pressure of the village life is a lot heavier in Savaii which is why he prefers Upolu.

“I like living here because life is a little easier,” he said.

“Many Savaii families love to migrate over to Upolu in search of a better way of life. We have more access to jobs here and that’s great.

“Plus there is a lot less pressure from the village. In Savaii there are too many things to do which affects a lot of the people. The money that goes to village obligations hinders our ability to take care of our family.

“That’s why I prefer it here. It’s much easier to take care of my loved ones.”

But with fewer rules in Upolu, it does produce its own set of problems.

“One of the best things about Upolu is that there aren’t as many rules,” Oscar said.

“In Savaii they are strict about everything; especially the village leaders. Everything is just free over here and it’s something I really like.

“I guess the only bad side of it is that it does cause a lot of trouble sometimes. We will have drunk people on the road walking around causing trouble because of the non-enforced rules.

“That sort of behaviour would never slide in Savaii.”

But all in all, Oscar says that life is great and everything seems to be working out for him and his family.

“My family living here is very small,” he said.

“It’s just me, my little brother and my parents. There’s not many family members which makes things easier as well.

“My mother and I currently have jobs so that goes a long way to take care of the family.”

By Sarafina Sanerivi 21 October 2016, 12:00AM

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