Welcome back, Pippa!

By Vatapuia Maiava 08 May 2016, 12:00AM

Television personality, Pippa Wetzell, is in the country for a short visit.

The presenter, journalist and mother of three is here to join award-winning Chef, Author and TV celebrity, Robert Oliver, to help Women in Business Development (W.I.B.D.I) raise $230,000 for a processing warehouse being built at Nu’u. The fundraiser is scheduled tomorrow at Gina Moore’s organic garden at Vaivase-tai.

 “I came over primarily to attend the W.I.B.D.I. extravaganza which my aunt Sheree (Stehlin) is heavily involved with,” Ms. Wetzell told the Sunday Samoan yesterday.

“In the past, I actually had the opportunity to see some of the work that they do so it’s just such a great opportunity to support an organization that’s doing an amazing job and I’m always very proud with my connections here.

“I have and will always embrace the opportunity to come and visit family and see some of the wonderful things that are happening in Samoa.”

Ms. Wetzell said she feels blessed to come home to her family.

“I’m loving my trip so much, I always feel a very special feeling when I get off the plane here in Samoa,” she said.

“You know, you see family everywhere here, I came here to Nourish Café because Kalais is my cousin and I had dinner last night at Giordano’s because they’re family as well. 

“I have seen many more family members here today who are also visiting from New Zealand.

“It’s so special when you feel so embraced and loved; Samoa is an extremely special place for me.”

Ms. Wetzell continued with honoring all the work W.I.B.D.I. has done for Samoa.

“I feel very proud of Samoa and I love the idea that W.I.B.D.I has come together to help some of the villages sort of make the most of their talents and their beautiful fertile land,” she said.

“I love what they’re doing with Organic food, I think it’s amazing and Samoa is a perfect place to have that kind of industry.”

According to Ms. Wetzell, this is a special time for Samoa with so many events happening.

“I really feel that there are such wonderful things happening here, it’s very exciting; the development of Aggie’s for example and some of the new resorts sounds great,” she said.

“I’m actually coming back in August with a bunch of friends with most of them having never been to Samoa before so I’m really excited and feel very proud to be able to bring them over to show off what an amazing place it is. “I guess in that sense; I’m here to see family, to go to the W.I.B.D.I. extravaganza and to help them out; but I will also be doing some research on the great things I can show when I return as a tour guide for my friends in August.”

In support of the work Robert and W.I.B.D.I. are doing, Ms. Wetzell honors the importance of organics to Samoa.

“I interviewed Robert (Oliver) years ago and over the year I have interviewed a lot of other people, and sometimes you don’t remember the interviews yourself after you’ve done hundreds of them,” she said.

“But Robert’s interview has always stayed very clearly in my head and I remember it well; we discussed Samoa and we spoke about the fact that there was just this fantastic beautiful land with beautiful produce that you grow here.

“But perhaps people who are based here haven’t realized that and take it for granted; it’s the same way in different countries where they take what they have available to them for granted.

“It’s such a treat to have this beautiful fertile land; you can smell that beautiful earthy fragrance when you land in Samoa and obviously if anyone’s diet is filled with beautiful organic fresh vegetables, then that’s the best thing possible.

“So I just think it’s such a valuable asset for Samoa and it’s just wonderful that some of the communities here are getting behind it because obviously it has such wonderful economic benefits as well.”

Arriving in Samoa in time for Mothers Day, Ms. Wetzell feels there is a real link between mothers and organic farming.

“Mothers and organic farming is well linked in terms of nurturing, nourishing and caring,” she said.

“I have actually come on this trip with my mother and this is really special because this is the first time she has come to Samoa with me, she’s been here once before but never with me.

“So it’s been very nice to sort of incorporate her in this as well; I guess it’s all just about caring for our family as well as nurturing and nourishing them.

“And mothers are the ultimate examples of that.”

She was also very impressed and touched with how highly respected mothers are in Samoa.

“I have to say that over here, far more than in New Zealand, Mothers day is taken way more seriously and I can sense that it comes from the heart,” she said.

“I know how important mother are; I mean with my Samoan grandmother and great grandmother, they are cherished members of our family,

“They are so loved and highly respected; certainly on the Samoan side of my family, far more than on the white side of the family; I think it’s very special the way mothers are treated here.” “I adore it here and I think I’m very blessed to have such wonderful family here; I am very proud and I’m always singing the praises of these Islands to everyone back home.”

Ms. Wetzell will be at the W.I.B.D.I. fundraiser tomorrow, 9th of May. For more information call Kate or Alberta on 21959.

By Vatapuia Maiava 08 May 2016, 12:00AM

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