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By Vatapuia Maiava 08 May 2016, 12:00AM

That frustrating feeling about not being able to find a specific product or service in Samoa online might soon be a thing of the past.

That’s because with the launch of the new digital marketing agency ‘Spacific Marketing and Business Consultancy,’ members of the public, especially the business community, will find it much easier to get what they want.

 “Spacific marketing is a new service here in Samoa and our main focus is online marketing, or what we call digital marketing,” said founder, Afamasaga Jackie Curry.

“Our aim is to offer a medium to market businesses online, the main tool we use is the client’s website and also through social media.”

According to Afamasaga, this new concept of marketing has been widely used overseas and now it is here in Samoa.

“So this is a service that is offered overseas in countries such as New Zealand where I just moved from and basically I have seen that these services are not really available here in Samoa,” she said.

“Most of the people offering services such as these work on portions of the markets. For example, we have people offer website development, others offer management of websites but I haven’t really seen businesses that are managing social media platforms and keeping an eye out on what’s trendy and what overseas people are looking for.

“We also offer website development, the difference between us and other website developers here in Samoa is that our focus is on marketing. So when we develop a website, then we develop it from a marketing perspective rather than a design perspective.

“What that means is that we don’t just make your website look good, but we actually create something that generates sales, a website that will get people to buy your products and services.

“So that is our key point of difference with our website development.”

Spacific Marketing also offers up to date development with a team of experts behind it all.

“Our websites are also developed by really experienced website developers who are based overseas so they are actually keeping up to date with what the trends are in terms of website designs and what works well with specific businesses,” Afamasaga said.

“We tailor our websites to the client’s needs of what they are trying to achieve, for most businesses it will be either awareness, sales, booking and so on.

“We also offer business development; my background is in business planning and business coaching, this is something I specialize in.

“So with business development we help clients write business plans, we also offer coaching services as well to help businesses come up with new ideas and strategies on how to grow their businesses or how to develop business concepts.

“We also provide support with funding applications; this is a key area I have seen over the years where a lot businesses struggle because there is a lot of funding available in Samoa to support business development but a lot of businesses have issues with accessing that funding needed to develop their business.

“We can actually help with funding applications as well as writing business plans for those applications and we can also help with following up applications so we can help our clients have access to these funds to grow their business.

“We also can work on general business consultancy projects where if the business has a special project that they are working on, say for a new hotel, maybe they are looking for someone to give them advice about who their target market is.

“In saying that we also have project managements, let’s say people have a project they are trying to launch or a new service then we can also help manage that project to make sure they are successful.

“We also provide support in developing events from a market point of view in terms of actually reaching the goals of the event; we can also help with overseas events as well.

“Another service we offer is business training services where my background with New Zealand training services comes in handy.

“Lastly, another service we offer in partnership with J.A. Consultancy in New Zealand is we provide support for export businesses where we will help by finding distribution channels.

“If clients want to use our services they can contact us by phone or email, then we can meet up and talk about what their needs are.” But what inspired such a unique form of business?

“My main motivation for this business is that I’m a Samoan who grew up here, I went away and did my studies overseas and I have worked both in Samoa and New Zealand,” Afamasaga said.

“So my experience is in business development. In New Zealand there is lots of opportunities for business, such as availability of coaching and mentoring support, means of getting professional advice on how to grow their businesses and also having access to marketing services to help grow their sales or improve their business,

“I guess my main motivation for providing this service is that I want Samoans businesses to have the same access level of services that are available overseas.

“Those countries provide a lot of support especially for the small business sector because the small business sector, especially in New Zealand, makes up about 80% of business in New Zealand; therefore they focus on supporting and growing small businesses which will in term help the economy, that’s what we would like see happen here in Samoa.”

Ever since the launch of the agency, they have received some great feedback.

“To be honest we only opened 2-3 days but in terms of our exposure online, we have already created a following on Facebook so at the moment we are getting really good feedback from the people who are making enquiries online,” Afamasaga said.

“Basically we have launched businesses fully online which so far has been going really well, and we are really looking forward to signing up some clients in the near future.”

For more information you can contact Spacific Marketing on their office phone: +685 20984

By Vatapuia Maiava 08 May 2016, 12:00AM

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