Relationship between church and government

Dear Editor,

Government corruption and inadequacies are the real issues. 

Child exploitation and child labour are the consequences of government failures.

If the government is spending more than $87 million dollars every year (conservative estimates) to service foreign loans and millions more is lost through corruption (O.P.C Report 2010) and building white elephants.

Then basically there are no funds to address social issues or improve social developments. 

This is also the reason why credible foreign investors are avoiding Samoa, therefore depriving the working population of much needed employment. 

The two introduced systems, Democracy and Church are causing unprecedented levels of desperation in the majority of the population. 

Democracy is allowing government corruption to flourish unchecked, the Church which was supposed to sponsor morality in the community tends to look the other way. 

All government swindlers are Church-going Christians and all church ministers in the land have no fortitude to confront these woeful persistent schemers and swindlers. 

In fact, the church embraces all these government officials because they can bring sacks of cash to church with them. 

Where is Christianity that was established by Jesus Christ on the day of Pentecost? It’s time to wake up Samoa and confront Evil in our society.


Le Mafa P

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