Contradictions from within H.R.P.P.

Dear Editor,

Re: Minister calls for tighter laws and curfews 

While P.M. Tuilaepa denies the child street vendor issue here in Samoa, M.P. Papali’i Niko Lee Hang and others see the problem. 

What M.P. Lee Hang said in the article is absolutely right. 

I have been calling on government from many moons ago to issue a curfew on these kids. 

He’s also right about the high cost of living and that the government needs to do something about it. M.P. Papalii Niko Lee Hang is Prime Minister material. Obviously he cares about the state of this country and the children. 

He realized the only way to fix this problem is to address it. 

It’s exactly what the people need to hear from their M.P. 

The people of Samoa are sick and tired of this P.M. Tuilaepa. 

Every time there’s a problem or a social issue on the rise – he denies them all because he knows it was him and his government that created the problem and all other social problems in Samoa.

 The people (including the parents of street vendors; youth; unemployed) are starving for employment opportunities – High unemployment and the high cost of living are the result of corruption in the government.

So really, at the end of the day, it was P.M. Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P who gave birth to the street vendor issue in the first place. 

Take ownership of the problem P.M. Tuilaepa – not deny it. 

It’s time for Tuilaepa to go and for M.P. Papalii Niko Lee Hang to be appointed as the Prime Minister of Samoa.  

Minister Papali’i is the same man that called out to P.M. Tuilaepa and H.R.P.P to clean up the corruption within the H.R.P.P govt. 


Mebahel Raguel

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