Business and politics don’t mix

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. admits $5.7m failure

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi hailed the project at the time.

 “The market will serve this side of the capital and Upolu. It should also immediately result in the easing of traffic through Fugalei (market), easing of the pressures and demands on the main market there and the over-crowdedness we’ve become all too familiar with through the years,” he said. 

“It’s not just farmers who will take advantage of this new facility, those who want to go into small business enterprise will too.”

These statements by the P.M. clearly shows he does not understand how business and economics (individuals who buy and sell) works.

His only expertise is how to get himself into Power without a single vote. Then he hears the praises by his hero-worshipers.

Politics and business do not mix.

Tourism industry is a business (profit-making) industry not a political (control) industry. That is why as long as the P.M. is still in power (control) -- Tourism in Samoa will never work. Politicians should remove themselves from any business industry.

The Airline industry is a business (profit-making) industry so any political interference (power) then it won't work.

The Bus industry is a business (profit making).

Bus drivers base their decisions on what the passengers (customers) want. Passengers do not base their decisions on what the politician wants or thinks.

The P.M. has no idea how free market system works.

Markets (buyers and sellers) is a business (profit making industry). So every decision is made by individuals who buy and sell.

I suggest to any politician to read anything about "Austrian Economics" -- google it. They will understand that economics is about individuals (buyers of goods and services) in society and how other individuals (sellers) make decisions that will benefit themselves (profit) at the same time benefit others (selling of useful products and services).


Keith Alderson

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